It’s Time to Break with the Paradigm of Selfishness

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Happiness is subjective; each of us has a different perspective on what it means to achieve a joyful state. Similarly, selfishness is a contextual issue.

The way we measure contentment, success, and satisfaction while working to attain a set goal, professionally or personally, varies from person-to-person. The validation we receive from promotions, monetary compensation, praises, accolades, or any form of advancement has the power to inject a feeling of euphoria into our lives. 

These are achievements that go-getters seek on an ongoing basis. However, the road to growth is never an easy one. The long path toward success of any kind requires sacrifice and a relentless drive to win, which can mean putting one’s needs ahead of others. 

A high level of accomplishment demands a certain amount of persistence and an attitude that can be viewed as selfish by many. But is it really? 

Entrepreneurship can create a lonely environment as we try to bring our deepest rooted ideas to fruition. Building a vision is slow-moving and unique, which is why it can be challenging to find focus among the countless moving targets that show up in daily life. 

The obstacle course we must navigate can seem daunting. Therefore, we find ways to jump the hoops that will elevate us to the next level. Our desire to win occasionally sets up predicaments that can pressure any of us into fending off naysayers, suffocating our dreams, and practicing defense mechanisms to stay on target. 

Protecting achievements sometimes calls for setting boundaries to keep those who don’t necessarily support our efforts for growth at bay. Complications can arise when we allow ourselves the room to flourish. And in comes the moral diatribe on selfishness.

Depending on the circles we roam, some elements can drain the energy from any number of wins. 

Anything from envy to doubt may give you reasons to think you cannot meet the demands needed to prosper — if you let it. Hence, you must put up a wall between your dreams or goals and those skeptics. In no way does this reflect selfishness, though others can perceive it as such.

It isn’t imperative to be selfish to move up in the world. The self-serving person seeks individual gain. Climbing a corporate, fashion, celebrity, financial, or life’s ladder doesn’t have to be an individual journey. We do better as human beings when we stay connected; encouraging a tribe around you is valuable. 

Having the support of like-minded individuals or a team that believes in you and your dreams is useful. 

Your responsibility is to keep out voices that do not align with what you’re working to accomplish. Initially, it may seem self-centered, but as you step into your potential, you will find out that the only way to truly cultivate your gifts is to believe in yourself like no one else in the world can do it.