Ser Anzoategui Becomes the First Non-Binary and Trans Latinx Actor Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Imagen Awards

Ser Anzoategui BELatina Latinx
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Latinx actor Ser Anzoategui, known for playing Eddy on the Starz drama “Vida” and Daysi Cantu on East Los High, has become the first non-binary and trans actor nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Television Series at the 36th annual Imagen Awards.

As reported by NBC News, Anzoategui is being recognized among their male peers for portraying Eddy in the STARZ dramedy “Vida.”

“It’s everything that you want as an artist,” Anzoategui told NBC News on Saturday. “Finally to have an award shows, but particularly a Latino organization that recognizes inclusivity within the process of nominating… It shows an example of what these big, internationally recognized award shows like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Emmys could do. Look on to the Imagen Foundation and see what they’ve done.”

As the media outlet explained, Eddy became one of the most beloved Latinx queer characters in the series, which broke ground after its 2018 premiere for “revolutionizing queer representation on television by rejecting tokenism and realistically portraying the complexities of a community that is often misrepresented or ignored in the media.”

That is why his nomination for the Imagen Awards is a historic milestone.

The child of immigrants from Argentina and Paraguay, Ser Anzoategui was born in Huntington Park, California, and attended Loyola Marymount University in California.

Their first steps in acting were in the Los Angeles theater scene, where their semi-autobiographical play “Catholic School Daze” put them on the map.

After being cast in “East Los High,” their role as Daysi Cantu would pave their way to the cast of “Vida.”

Their performance as Eddy, Vidalia’s sensitive butch widow, has been critically praised and is now nationally recognized.

“When you do work really hard and sacrifice… You never know when it comes back as this moment right now,” they told NBC about their Imagen Awards nomination.

“Part of this whole experience was going through this process and putting a voice to my experience, so people see what someone like myself has to go through when it comes to this,” they said. “It’s more than just gendering the awards. It’s also the process of what the actors or actresses go through.”