Meet Séssi, the Multifaceted Promise of Latin Urban Music

Séssi BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Séssi.

Séssi can’t remember a moment of her life without singing. Whether it was in her father’s studio or on the train on the way home, music has always been present in the life of this Latina singer.

From hip hop to any kind of inspirational melodies, Séssi’s musical background is an interweaving of multiple influences.

“All of my influences came from everywhere,” she told BELatina in an Instagram Live.

Her father composed and produced popular dance hits from the ’70s and ’80s and was a major label executive. “I’m from the Bronx, and I come from a very musical family,” she told us from her current house in Miami.

“I started singing de chiquita when I was five years old,” she continued in Spanish. From festivals to competitions, the stage was always her natural environment.

“My mom did concerts and festivals in New York – very big in the community — so I’ve been in this industry for a while,” she remembered.

As a teenager, Séssi saw her dream of becoming a star nearly materialize after placing in the top 100 on the X-Factor; but being left off, the TV show ignited an even bigger flame inside her. The self-taught video producer created YouTube covers in her bedroom, eventually earning a degree in Music Business. Later, Séssi began working with two local New York music producers and recorded her first songs for $700 each.

However, life had an obstacle course in store for her.

Between shady managers, empty promises, and depleted bank accounts, Séssi has transformed into a thick-skinned woman with deep-seated emotions and grounded roots. Her experience through her travels — she’s lived in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and has traveled to Europe to collaborate and hone her craft — has helped her understand the industry firsthand.

Now, with three new singles — “2C” being the first of them — Séssi’s time has finally come.

“Everything is working its way,” she assured with a hopeful smile on her face.

Working alongside Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Gavriel “Vein” Rafael, Séssi’s music carries the weight of a relatable emotional past, exploited through the lens of a gritty New York upbringing. Séssi’s sense of community and spirituality, combined with her dedication to being a source of inspiration for those fighting for their dreams, keeps her going.

“As women, we have to stand for something,” she reflected, “I’m very passionate about different things. So, I like to always put myself outside of the box and create little alter-egos and different stories – from the main girl to the side girl, I create all these different scenarios, but I always talk about body-positivity and being confident, and owning that space that you’re in.”

“As a woman, especially being from the Bronx and growing up with a Cuban mother who was hard-working, luchadora, and always […] ‘love-yourself,’ ‘feel good, look-good,’… that helped me a lot to have the confidence that I have now; to be beautiful and love the space that I’m in.”

As for her experience as a woman in the music industry, especially in a genre as masculine as reggaeton, Séssi has a few pieces of wisdom to share.

“As a woman, you have to own your space,” she said with her natural confidence. “Don’t let them in thinking they can dominate you or treat you however [sic]. You have to own who you are, stand for who you are, and come in and learn.”

“Give them that space so they can learn from you as you learn from them,” she added.

“And also, keep it business,” she stated. “With every man that you meet: business. Don’t date in the industry. Keep it business.”

“Stand your ground; get what you deserve. Don’t forget that your worth is your worth.”

Currently, Séssi is preparing some surprises for her new fans. Her energies are focused on three albums she is producing on her own and several more collaborations.

She is definitely here to stay.