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Shakira’s Ex Piqué Doesn’t Seem to Think Too Fondly of People From Bolivia – And This Is Not Okay

Gerard Pique

Gerard Piqué, known for his tenure at FC Barcelona and his high-profile relationship with Colombian queen Shakira, has once again found himself at the center of controversy following a remark about Bolivia. Should we expect anything less from this cheating man? 

During a live broadcast alongside participants from the Kings League football tournament, Piqué engaged in an interview with Argentine singer María Becerra, an up-and-coming Latina artist in the urban music genre. 

Inquiring about her upcoming schedule, one of the panelists asked, “María, any upcoming dates for everyone watching right now, so they can come see you somewhere, any new projects or things?” 

To this, Becerra cheerfully responded, “Well, I’ll be in Bolivia doing two shows.” 

However, Piqué burst into laughter during this. “Damn, let’s see who’s going to Bolivia, damn.” Um, what’s his issue? 

While the singer chuckled along with Piqué’s remark, she also reminded him, “Wait, people from all over are watching us,” highlighting the global reach of their conversation. 

Attempting to mitigate the situation, XBuyer, a Spanish YouTuber also participating in the Kings League, sarcastically quipped in defense of Becerra’s comment, “Maybe the people from Bolivia will go.” 

Still, Piqué continued with his odd comments stating, “People were expecting Barcelona, Santander, Madrid, but Bolivia, damn.” 

Piqué Needs to Respect All Latin American Countries Including Bolivia

The exchange sparked controversy online, with many criticizing Piqué’s seemingly dismissive attitude towards Bolivia as a tour destination. The incident reignited discussions about cultural insensitivity and the importance of respecting all countries and their contributions to the arts and entertainment industry. 

While the exchange may have been intended as playful banter, this isn’t how we should talk about other Latin American countries.  

Will Piqué ever learn how to stay out of the public eye for the wrong reasons? Has he not learned? Nevertheless, he may not think people from Bolivia can enjoy a Maria Becerra show, but that’s because he knows that he could never cater to such a rich culture as those from Bolivia.  


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