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Shakira’s Second Stalker Was Arrested in Miami After He Showed Up to Her Home Claiming She Was His Wife 

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Our girl, Shakira, has been through it. As she rides the wave of an extremely successful year, she faces a situation no woman should ever endure — having a stalker.  

Recently, the peaceful sanctuary of Shakira’s Miami residence was disrupted by a disturbing incident involving a stalker, which resulted in the arrest of a Texas man, as reported by authorities. 

According to NBC 6 South Florida, Daniel John Valtier, 56, from El Paso, found himself detained on allegations of stalking outside the iconic star’s home. The arrest stemmed from his social media posts concerning the singer, conveyed to the authorities by Shakira’s security director on January 3. 

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Valtier’s social media activity included posts outlining hypothetical scenarios of marrying Shakira, establishing business ventures together, and an alleged relationship with the singer’s children, explicitly mentioning their names, according to an arrest report. 

“Kids adopt them when I am married too Shakira she wants too be American like her father, and share the rest of her life with me, we will own a trucking business sing songs promote manage and own a garment manufacturing corporation worldwide,” read one of Valtier’s Instagram posts, as detailed by NBC 6 South Florida.  

Moreover, the report highlighted that Valtier went as far as sending packages to Shakira’s residence, containing wine, chocolates, and toys. Despite warnings from her security team to cease such actions and refrain from divulging details about her personal life on social media, concerns heightened when Valtier shared a post indicating his visit to Shakira’s home, displaying a motel business card from Florida. 

The situation escalated when Valtier arrived at Shakira’s residence via taxi around 12:45 a.m. on Monday, January 8th. His arrival prompted law enforcement to take him into custody, as detailed in the report. 

Beyond the stalking charge, Valtier also faced an additional charge for allegedly hiring a vehicle with intent to defraud due to an unpaid $70 taxi fare, stated the arrest report. Presented in court the following day, prosecutors sought a $50,000 bond. 

During the court appearance, Valtier defiantly claimed a connection to Shakira, asserting, “She’s my wife. I speak to her all the time.” The judge, disavowing his claims, raised concerns about his mental state, doubling the bond to $100,000 and issuing a restraining order against Valtier, prohibiting contact with the singer. 

This alarming incident has not been the first concerning Shakira’s Miami residence, as the Colombian artist has previously encountered stalking issues. The safety and security of herself and her children remain paramount, urging the artist to seek legal recourse to address these concerning incidents. 

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