Show Stopper Miami Brings the Heat to NBC’s ‘World of Dance’

Show Stopper BELatina Latinx NBC
Photo via NBC World of Dance

On May 26 NBC’s World of Dance stage was lit up with a parade of spectacular performances, including a rousing Salsa Calena number by dancers Jefferson and Adrianita. The amount of talent will continue to level up as the new season progresses. 

Taking the stage in the next few weeks is ten-woman dance crew Show Stopper Miami, an unforgettable, visually energetic ensemble. The fierce and fiery dancers are sure to resonate with audiences as they connect with this group’s explosive energy.

Sonja Allende, who manages Show Stopper Miami’s brand & marketing describes the tribe of dancers’ vibe as “Miami Spice.” 

“Expect a powerful and spicy group of women, staying true to themselves while representing Miami,” said Allende. 


Show Stopper Miami’s style evokes “Jazz Funk,” an energy that takes over. It is a compilation of hip-hop, ballet, jazz with funk, and technical movements unleashing Miami heat. Their dance routines are charismatic and bold with the potential to leave audiences mesmerized. The inspiration for choreography in work such as “Don’t Jealous Me” is meant to inspire human connectivity. 


Each dance is amazingly artistic in its own way, a representation of countless ethnicities and journeys from different parts arriving in one place. Their moves are characterized as strong, powerful performances that exude nothing less than female confidence and empowerment — which is only fitting. Susie Garcia, the group’s creative director and owner of Show Stopper Miami’s studio, sums up their work as “Power.” Garcia organically assumed the maternal role in the group, getting to know everyone, taking any chance to validate the importance of everyone’s contribution to the team.

These women have years of training with a strong commitment and love for dancing. The professionals are a combination of women ages 17 to 37, students, mothers, and 9 to 5 employees that have been preparing themselves for a major competition on World of Dance.


Listening to their story reinforces the power women have to influence each other. But it occurred to me that as close as women can be, this level of competition can inevitably lead to stress. When I asked the women about it, Garcia explained that it’s been a key process for them to transform stress into positive energy.  “If they’re not having fun, they are not performing,” she insisted. 

After a year together, they’ve figured out how to mold stress into art by leaning on one another. These elements have been the driver in helping them stay connected during the pandemic. The Show Stopper Miami studio shut down in early March, making their lives difficult. A new norm forced a revamp of the business. The studio now has online tutorials, with live streams at various levels and styles. The dancers got together to film 25 tutorials over the course of 13 hours before lockdown. It’s proof of the determination they all have to ensure the show goes on. Their commitment to the craft and clients stands firm; therefore, they make it work. 

“Dancing is who we are,” says Garcia. 

Dancing is in the women’s DNA, reaffirmed Allende, a connection encouraging strength that surpasses comprehension. The alignment of their complementary beliefs, backgrounds, and goals helps the team stick together, particularly when tough times arise. 

In asking them to share with us some words of inspiration, Garcia told the story of her grandfather gifting her the money to open the dance studio. He arrived from Cuba with an incredible fight within to be better, do better. At a young age, a strong work ethic was instilled in her character. “Women experience tears and pain but our inner core is of a champ,” she said. “We must wake up to fight for what we want each day. Awake the artist in you.”

You can see Show Stopper Miami ignite the stage in an upcoming episode of World of Dance on NBC, Tuesdays at 10pm EST.