Signed By McFly, The Bronx-Based Black Business You Need To Know About

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Mugzy McFly’s story is one of those adventures in entrepreneurship that inspires. As he told BeLatina, McFly got into the world of fashion in 2013. He recalled how the success of brands launched a year or two before opened the path for entrepreneurs like him to do what he enjoyed and make money from it. 

McFly’s streetwear brand is not only significant for its out-of-the-concrete business model but because it is genderless —unisex, if you will.

Signed By McFly began in the Bronx, New York. McFly shared that his inspiration for the brand started from his roots. 

“Growing up, I didn’t have a lot and was very middle class or lower. In that atmosphere, all you had was looking good to kind of show you’re good and be able to keep with everyone else at school,” McFly shared, noting that he and his classmates would have fashion battles, which is what he sees as the seed that was planted for him to want to create his fashion brand. 

Today, still a rising business owner, McFly has a new pop-up shop in Miami. He shared that this “store for a day” concept is not foreign to his entrepreneurial ventures. Alongside friends and business partners, the entrepreneur has done similar collaborations before, with one shop in Miami a couple of years ago during the Rolling Loud festival.

As for his future endeavors, McFly said it lies around sneakers. Having dropped his first own sneaker recently, he said that is where his vision is headed. After all, that is what first inspired his love for fashion.

This is his, according to the designer, his biggest accomplishment today.

“I’m not officially trained in fashion, I just have a love for it and love experimenting, and that helped build me up,” he shared in regards to moving on to footwear. 

McFly said he considers his clothing streetwear, with inspiration from the Bronx. If you’re wondering about a pop-up in the tri-state area, you may be waiting for a while. He said since his brand is based in New York, he tries not to keep it there. However, most recently, he had a virtual fashion show featuring his new season’s clothing styles.

As we wait for the world to open back up, Mugzy continues to work on his brand. What is he looking forward to the most after a tumultuous year? For a real New York City summer, along with fresh new styles to go along with fun outings. 

This is just the beginning for the young fashion designer, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.