‘This Is What Democracy Tastes Like,” Six Breweries That Have Taken A Stand Against Trump

Photo courtesy of Behemoth Brewing Company Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of Behemoth Brewing Company

One of the most fantastic things about beer is the way it makes people come together and share. However, by the time I began researching this piece, I could only think of two breweries that had made some sort of statement against Donald Trump in 2016: Cucapá and Tecate.

Fast forward four years, there are now enough breweries taking a stand, especially during the National Drink Beer Day and in the preamble to the presidential election.

Cucapá – Chelas for the band

In September 2016, Donald Trump was running his presidential election race on the idea of having Mexico pay for the border wall. Cucapá’s answer was, “If they want us to pay for the wall, then they should pay for our party’s beers.” The result was this hilarious video, where they sell tricked t-shirts to Trump’s fans.

Cucapá –a brewery from Baja California– managed to sell every single one of their t-shirts and used to money to make a huge party with free beer for everyone. Here you can find a video of how the party went. 

Tecate beer wall 

On September 26, 2016, Tecate surprised the Presidential Debate’s viewers with this 30-second add on the Tecate Beer Wall. 

“You’re welcome, America.”

5 Rabbit – Chinga tu pelo

5 Rabbit was the first Latin American brewery in the U.S., made in Xicago (yep, “Xicago,” not “Chicago”). 5 Rabbit’s resistance to Trump began the first time he described Mexicans as drug dealers, criminals, and rapists at the beginning of the Presidential Race, in June 2015. At the time, 5 Rabbit produced the “Trump Golden Ale” for the Trump Tower in Chicago. It was a big client for them. Still, the day after those remarks, they broke ties with the Trump organization and became the first business to do so. 

Making this decision left them with dozens of kegs of beer for which they had no use. They called the local bar and restaurant owners and asked them if they might be interested in the beer. By the hour, it was all gone, and by the end of the day, the “Trump Golden Ale” was now called “Chinga tu pelo.”

This story of dignity, resistance, and solidarity then became the Chinga tu pelo documentary available for rental on Vimeo.


The batch of Chinga tu pelo beer ran out. Still, the resistance continues: now 5 Rabbit sells the Chinga Tu Pelo merchandise and uses those sales profits to support The Sweet Water Foundation and Latinos Progresando


Behemoth is a brewery from New Zealand, so getting their beer might be tricky. However, the 35 prices they won between 2014 and 2017 show the effort could be worth it. Also, they are the brewery that has made the biggest amount of anti-Trump beers so far: Dump the Trump (an American IPA), Collusion (an American hopped Russian Imperial stout), and Im–PEACH–ment (a Sour Ale brewed with 200 kg of peaches).  

The Dump the Trump beer is once again available for sale (it was first released in 2016), and it’s best food matching is orange Cheetos.

Stone Brewing – I’MPEACH Double IPA

Another Impeachment beer is Stone Brewing’s I’MPEACH Double IPA. Of course, it also includes peaches.  As noticed by San Diego’s local press, beer lovers looked for this beer during the president’s impeachment and even posted reviews on Untappd with statements such as “This is what Democracy tastes like.” 

Stone Brewing first opened in San Diego in 1996, but now have brewing facilities on both coasts. 

They are no strangers to using beer for making political statements. You just need to take a look at their Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout, or their Xocoveza Mocha Stout and their Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager. These last two are examples of the Mexican influence in the Californian food and culture. 

BrewDog  –  Yet-to-be-named-Climate-Friendly-Beer 

BrewDog is a Scottish brewer with a strong commitment to being climate-friendly so much that they are the world’s first carbon-negative international beer business. Meaning they take out of the atmosphere twice as much CO2 as they produce brewing, thanks to their 2,000+ acre forest. –Fat Tire is a carbon-neutral beer in the US if you are looking for an alternative.–  

A couple of weeks ago, when Trump stated the “temperatures would start getting cooler” regarding the ravaging fires in California, BrewDog’s co-founder, James Watt, tweeted they would produce a new climate-inspired beer and use all profits for environmental charities. 

He then offered BrewDog’s fans four name-options: “Climate Change Apprentice,” “Go With The Gut Not The Science,” “Hocus Pocus Climate Wizzard,” and “It’s Getting Colder And That’s My Real Hair.”


Which name would you choose?