Planets in Retrograde: Spiritual Coach Rocio Regalado Reveals What Will Happen the Rest of 2020

Rocio Regalado BELatina Latinx

From June 18 to July 12, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto enter into retrograde conjunction, according to Rocio Regalado, a Dominican Spiritual Coach who uses her intuition and the tarot to predict different aspects of people’s lives. The astrology expert exclusively told BELatina News that Mercury is the planet that governs communication, technology, relationships, and contracts, among other things — and that as of today, many things are headed our way that could make our lives a little more complex.

Regalado revealed that what we have experienced so far in 2020 worldwide does not compare with what arrives today, June 18. Today, an extraordinary astral situation begins in which six planets will be in retrograde at the same time. “We started months ago with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto,” she said. “These planets have been rarefying love affairs and making us rethink our entire existence since April and May. And as a guest of honor at the party, the dreaded Mercury and Neptune also join, with the sole purpose of making things more complicated and strengthening ourselves as human beings, “she continued adding that both planets are like those people whom you have not invited to the party, but still come.

“Everything lived with health, worldwide, is nothing but a lesson,” said the spiritual coach. “But some students have not learned, so these two teachers who are Mercury and Neptune come to shake the cardinal planets that are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn,” warns the expert.

According to Regalado, Mercury will arrive to set the record straight, during the eclipse on July 5. “There will also come the sensitive and intuitive sign of the Zodiac, Cancer; or, to put it another way: the most sensitive and dramatic zodiac sign of the horoscope,” she says.

“It is then, where after so many worldwide protests about racism, inequality, police brutality, and COVID-19, we will see humanity submerged in a sea of ​​emotions and deep feelings that many will not know how to identify or express,” Regalado said, adding that social networks, as well as some banking platforms, will collapse. “Beware of making transfers the first two weeks of July,” warns the expert.

“During retrograde Mercury, I want you to pay attention and heal your relationship with yourself,” suggests Regalado. “Work those emotional wounds that heal us. Mercury is the planet that for Astrology represents the principles of communication and reflection; it is the one that governs our interests and abilities; it is the one that is related to our travel, appointments, our adaptability, the one that governs teaching, education, our immediate environment, neighbors, siblings, transportation, messages and all forms of written or oral communication such as mail, email, telephone, papers, and contracts. [These] areas can be disturbed during this period,” she says.

Regalado advises that it is time to review, reorder, and recap what we have already done, finish what is pending, but not to start anything. “We will have to be especially careful not to make hasty decisions during this period because its consequences may not be happy,” she warns.

“As every time Mercury is in retrograde, there will be a tendency to make mistakes. Therefore, we will have to try to avoid errors of judgment, not follow impulses because there may be misunderstandings, review our papers and documents well so as not to incur carelessness,” she advises.

The astrologer also revealed that the most affected will be: Cancers whose birthdays are June 22 and July 22; Aries, March 19 and April 19; Libra, September 23 and October 23; as well as Capricorn, between December 21 to January 19. “They must be careful not to create false expectations that can make them lose sight of the center of the problems,” she suggests. “It will be advisable to have a clear mind so as not to fall into mistakes. End all unhealthy relationships or partners. There may be delays and complications in signing or agreements.”

She also added that the signs of Water (Pisces and Scorpio), as well as those that were born under the signs of Taurus and Virgo between April 19 and May 20; and between August 23 to September 22, will receive this energy in a harmonious way in purchases, sales, signing of agreements and contracts, as well as in work trips and prospects for improvements in housing or property related to the home. “Retrograde and bad looking Mercury can synchronize with mistakes, confusions, losses, misunderstandings, gossip, envy, scams, theft and all those bad expressions of the mercurial symbol,” she revealed. “However, if we stop to reflect, these can be very creative times where we will become more intuitive, responsive, and successful.”

For the other signs, Regalado advises them that although Venus is the planet of love and beauty — Venus has been in retrograde over Gemini from May 13 and will be until June 25 — you should not fall into trivial relationships and avoid these. “This is not a good time to ponder formal commitments,” she says.

As for Saturn, the planet of the rings, which governs responsibility and maturation according to Regalado, it has been retrograde since May 10 — and will be until September 29 — but it is the best thing that could happen at the time that we are living. “Because precisely all social events are to improve a human collective and generate awareness of all our actions, even at the political or leadership level,” she says.

“It is good that you know that free will is not the power to do what we really want, this phenomenon is helping us to answer existential doubts that do not stop turning in our heads. To give them an answer, but also to understand them in order to turn the page and close cycles, change the way we are as a human collective,” she added.

According to the expert, having Jupiter retrograde is no accident. “With the pandemic, following racism and elections in different Latin countries, as well as in the United States; since 2020 is the year of changes and transmutations, that is why it is not surprising that all of society has come together in this time to fight against social injustices such as the treatment that Afro-descendants receive,” says Regalado. “Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and, when it goes retrograde (like right now, which has been running since May 14 and will be until September 12), it makes us examine well what we think about what surrounds us socially, who should we choose to represent us as the leader or president of a country, like congresspeople, etc. — with the consequence that we will want to dedicate more time to global humanitarian problems.”

Regalado also spoke to BELatina News about Neptune, describing it as a deep and dark planet that sometimes becomes impossible. “After encountering such positive aspects on the planets Saturn and Pluto, Neptune’s retrogradation is bad,” she says. “By the law of cause and effect it must be like this, there are still people living in a world of ‘social bubble’ and this planet, which governs the sign of Pisces, which represents spirituality.”

The expert says that from June 22 to November 28 you have to be very careful. “Neptune will not let us see anything,” Regalado warns metaphorically. “We will have difficulty trusting, we will do it with the wrong people or without leadership, then we will think that it is our fault, we will blame and make a claim for everything. However, the only thing you must do to escape unscathed is to follow your tool of life that is yours, and that nobody can take [from you]: your intuition. That is almost never wrong,” she advises.

To conclude, Regalado also ensures that after so long, someone will come to put everything in order, transform everything, and make one life cycle die and another begin. “Even though it is the smallest planet in the solar system, and has been in retrograde over Capricorn from April 25 and will be until October 4, it is the beginning of a great change that we are experiencing, as a society and as people. There will even be great human losses and missing people from the public arena, “she says. “Pluto, the planet that governs oil, earth, and earthquakes, moves everything and explodes, leaving a void to start another era.”

“This astral body governs death, birth, transformation, change. That is the most important and determining aspect. It is the only one capable of carrying out a metamorphosis like the one we are experiencing, but that does not mean that it will be easy,” says Regalado. “With Pluto in retrograde, it will take you a little longer to become self-aware of the mutation you need to make, so there will be more drama than usual. But in the end, the truth will come out.”

Rocio Regalado also added that the decentralized international activist, hacktivist collective, or movement, Anonymous, will reveal more information and even their identities. 

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