‘So Violento, So Macabro,’ the New Bilingual Latinx True Crime Podcast

‘So Violento, So Macabro' Podcast BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of So Violento, So Macabro

America’s obsession with highly followed sensationalist cases has proved to be a gold mine for digital media. Today, between podcasts and streaming series, we have many versions of the same stories of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Jack the Ripper.

However, in our country, we are unaware of Latin American crime cases that, in some cases, could involve parallels. 

Faced with the lack of coverage of crimes in communities of color, Aly and Dee decided to launch “So Violento, So Macabro,” a new bilingual podcast about Latinx crimes.

“Not many people who live here in the United States know about the cases we will discuss. We wanted others not only to be informed, but also to share these stories and continue a conversation about them,” Aly tells BELatina News. Additionally to being one of the few that cover Latin American cases, Aly and Dee use this project “to give Latinx Americans an inside look at what happens in our homeland, and make you reflect on what we can do to prevent these crimes from ever happening again.”

Aly and Dee’s met 14 years ago at a concert, where they quickly became close friends. This eventually led to this podcast, which has already covered some of Mexico’s horrific crime cases, such as EP 3: El Caso de Fatima Cecilia Aldrighetti Anton. Anton’s case touched upon a crucial issue that affects the whole world — femicides.

‘So Violento, So Macabro' team BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of So Violento, So Macabro

“The number of murders that involve women all around the world is astonishing. When it comes to true crime cases, a huge percentage of them are done to women by someone they know,” Dee explained. “The best way I can say women can avoid these types of crimes from happening is always to be aware of your surroundings and let someone you love know about your whereabouts. Also, listen to your gut. It’s your fight or flight senses kicking in, and it is protecting you from being murdered. Also, protect the women around you. If you see something odd, say something. You can truly save a life just by being a decent human being.”

So, yes, take in these horrific stories, not as a form of entertainment but to learn from them. Protect yourself and notice your surroundings. We can help protect each other from these awful situations and hopefully save more women in the process.

The “So Violento, So Macabro” Podcast has a new episode every Wednesday. Stay safe!