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The Solidarity Becky G, Shakira, and Karol G Have Received Is Proof of How United Latinas Can Be

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In the last few years, we have seen our favorite Latina stars be wronged. Though Becky G, Shakira, and Karol G are not the only Latinas in the public eye who have been wronged, the betrayal they’ve faced has hit their fan base differently.  

Karol G’s fans consoled her as she broke down amid her breakup with Puerto Rican trap singer, Anuel AA. Her comment section was flooded with words of consolation. We saw something similar with Shakira. Once everyone realized that Pique was unfaithful and that they were separating, her fans made it known that they had chosen her side. They learned her songs, word for word, in less than a week, they showed up to her house on her birthday (and she greeted them), and the support continues. Now, we are learning about Becky G’s situation. Allegedly, her fiancé cheated on her. He apologized via social media recently, but the internet is infuriated.   

The Solidarity Becky G, Shakira, and Karol G Have Received Is Proof of How United Latinas Can Be
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How can he do this to the sweet Becky G?  

As though their fans are part of a collective army, they are coming together to show them that they are not alone. And most of these fans are Latinas.  

Technology can be a big part of it. We now have access to information on our favorite celebrities in a second. For many, it feels like a genuine connection to our idols, especially if they genuinely interact with their fans. However, there is almost a protective nature that has developed for the Latinas who have to move under the spotlight. For instance, we’ve all followed Shakira for decades. It’s hard not to feel protective of her, especially if many of us grew up with her. The song “TQG” proves this. Karol G had previously recorded the song around the same time as “Mamiii,” but decided not to release it. But, once she learned of Shakira’s situation, she knew Shakira needed it. People feel strongly about Karol G and Becky G too. They’ve been vulnerable with their fan base in the past, so their pain feels a bit closer to home. 

The impact Latinas can have

But why does this impact Latinas so much? 

Part of the reason could be that Latinas understand that we have limited representation in any industry, including the music industry, so we must uplift those who have made it. It takes a team, after all. There’s no denying that Latinas are a key factor for many of our favorite Latin artists as it has been previously noted that Latinas are intentional in their consumption. This includes music.  

We are a force to be reckoned with and no one can stand in the way of who we support.  

The way we’ve shown solidarity with our beloved Latina singers is by streaming their music, interacting with their social media accounts, and attending their shows in troves. It almost feels like a responsibility to let them know that they aren’t alone. Besides, we are part of a collectivist culture; we stand together – no matter what.  

It’s also important to understand that some Latinas identify with what their idols are going through. From getting their hearts broken to dealing with unfaithfulness in their own lives, these life experiences are a common denominator for Latinas – and women alike. Rather than supporting empty lyrics, music makes more sense when you can sing songs with the same passion as your favorite artist.  

Perhaps, as Latinas, we know what it is to go through things alone. Oftentimes, Latinas conform to being underpaid, not getting enough help at home and all the situations that are against them – just for being a Latina.  

In some way, we know that it’s through true solidarity that we will all win. But let’s remember to show this same type of solidarity in our everyday life. Stand up for Latinas around you.  

We have to advocate for one another because who else will?  

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