‘Somos Good News’ Is Shining Light on What Truly Matters

BLM Somos Good News Episode 7

Somos Good News is back this week, but with more than the happy-go-lucky feel — just as it should. The Black Lives Matter movement is not lost to SGN, making it the focal point during this episode. 

Hosts Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco shine a light on stories that have come about as a direct result of the current events. They speak about Sesame Street educating the world on protesting and racism. Aside from that, they also touched upon Brittany Smith, a pre-K teacher from New Jersey who went viral on Twitter with her children’s books recommendation. Their news also features the wave of global support the BLM has received. 

Overall, it seems as though the protests, the demands, and all the education that’s been shared around our nation is having real, positive effects. However, more work needs to be done. It isn’t over yet, but we are getting there. You better believe that the Latinx community will be at the frontlines, too. 

Esta es la lucha de todos. 

Tune in to watch Episode 7 to see everything that was spoken about this week!