‘Somos Good News: Latinx Edition’ Defeats Monday Blues with Positivity and Hope

BELatina Latinx Episode 8 Somos Good News

If you’re suffering from the Monday Blues, fret no more! Somos Good News: Latinx Edition is here to uplift your spirits with another episode conducted by our bubbly hosts, Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco.

Per usual, our hosts take us around the world to showcase news that will bring joy to anyone. Well, almost anyone. We know that there are some social Grinches around us *cough* Karens, but we wouldn’t want them around our neck of the woods, either.

During this episode, Castro and Carrasco introduce us to the ‘hugging tunnels’ in Brazil and a heroic Starbucks barista who rightfully defied “the customer is always right” policy. The double C’s also relish their report regarding Mary W. Jackson’s, NASA’s first ever Black engineer. Her recognition was long overdue, but at least the nation is taking the right steps to be more inclusive AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Their last story was about a teacher in New York, Dawn Thompson, who visited her students home and sang to them because she missed them.

Watch this week’s episode for the complete scoop filled with positivity and hope!