Top 5 Songs That Prove Jenni Rivera Is Still A Chingona

    Top 5 Songs That Prove Jenni Rivera Is Still A Chingona

    Jenni Rivera is an icon. Whether you like her or not, her music legacy transcends generations and is still being talked about today. In fact, her newest posthumous single “Misión Cumplida” was just released, and it carries the same spirit of her past tracks all in one.

    While many of her popular songs are covers of other artists, it doesn’t change the fact that she elevated them to the next level. Personally, some of her songs I didn’t even know were covers, which proves that her music helped introduce them to future generations.

    For those who aren’t familiar, some of her song’s main themes are resilience, empowerment, and putting yourself first. While she did at times sing about being the other woman, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s an overall chingona and feminist icon. Why? Because at the end of the day, her strength to overcome all of her situations remains unmatched. And tell me, who else does what she did in the notoriously male-dominated Regional Mexican genre?

    To celebrate her legacy – almost one decade after her passing – here are five songs that still prove that Rivera is a badass. 

    “Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida”

    This is the ultimate unapologetic, YHLQMDLG anthem. With lyrics like: “Soy parrandera, soy rebelde y atrevida / No soy perfecta y tampoco soy de lo peor / Mas me defiendo como gata boca arriba / Y échense un grito las mujeres como yo [I’m a party girl, I’m rebellious and daring. / I’m not perfect but I’m not the worst / But I defend myself like a cat on her back / And women like me, give yourselves a shout out]” it’s hard not to get in a rebellious mood.

    “Ya Lo Sé”

    Personally, this is my go-to karaoke song. In my point of view, it’s about falling out of love – and the sorrows that come with it. The song details a love that is done for and when you’re at a point of denial. Personally, it’s a song I frequent at karaoke because of the way La Diva de La Banda sings it – with full-on passion and with her heart on her sleeve. “Ya lo sé / Que aunque llore, te pida y te implore / No vas a volver, ya lo sé / Pero mi corazón como diablos / Se lo hago entender [I know / That even if I cry, beg and implore you / You won’t come back, I know that / But how the hell do I make my heart / How do I make it understand]?” 


    This is another feel-good “I’m a chingona” song for sure. It’s about knowing your worth – and knowing that you were the best of them all. “Inolvidable / Así me dicen mis ex amores . Afortunada y sin que te ofendas / Tengo cariños que si son mejores [Unforgettable / That’s what my ex-lovers call me / Fortunate and with no offense to you / I have loves that are better].” I know that’s right!

    “Qué Me Vas a Dar”

    This is one of her famous covers. Many artists have covered this song, including La Arrolladora Banda El Limón De René Camacho – and in any version, it continues to be a jam. It’s a truthful song that questions what someone can give you after leaving you in the first place. Do they even deserve a second chance? The lyrics call out for explanation. Is the relationship even worth a second shot? “Pero déjame pensarlo / Aunque no prometo nada / Pero tu también si vuelvo / Dime que me vas a dar [But let me think about it / Though I make no promises / But you too if I come back / Tell me what you’ll give me].”

    “Misión Cumplida”

    Lastly, this is her latest posthumous song. It was released yesterday (Nov. 2) and can have two meanings. Per the press release, one of the interpretations is about a man who finally wins her love; the second is about the music and audience in general fulfilling Rivera’s mission of life. In any case, Rivera wrote it herself – and it brings chills down our spines to hear her voice again.

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