If Anyone Says ‘You’re Spicy,’ Show Them How Spicy You Can Be!

Spicy BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of elle.com (Ed Mendoza)

Latina women have somewhat of a reputation for being feisty. My personality has been described as rather cheeky. At times, I come off as playful or amusing with a slight edgy sense of humor. The sass I can cook up is always in good fun but can be too spicy at times! 

My spirited nature can be turned up or down depending on the environment, people involved, and situation. Either way, I have found that spicy is powerful if used in moderation. However, dispersing it in microdoses could help avoid getting caught up in circumstances where we can be misinterpreted as aggressive.

The beauty of a woman can be described in countless ways but certainly goes far beyond physical features. Our gender is labeled pretty, smart, sexy, strong, badass, hot — the list of words used to describe us takes different forms. 

Some of the words used to describe women can be derogatory, while others can serve to remind us that we’re filled with enough strength to potentially inspire change in ourselves and others. 

Empowerment is one of the weapons we use to combat life’s challenges. The assertiveness needed to confront our truths comes from a place of courage. Being called spicy does not have to be looked at negatively. You can use the word to empower yourself. 

Frequently, we are expected to maintain composure or give in to other people’s expectations of who we should be. It is important to own our power without feeling guilty. Spicy women are dreamers, warriors, and relentless in the pursuit of their goals. These personalities can hold strong opinions and force an army when challenged to a duel of wills. 

Standing in one’s convictions without backing down from what is important is one of the many admirable qualities that can serve us well.

I am not offended by the use of the word; I find that it carries vigor and character that I have used in the past to encourage me in different settings. 

Working in corporate America can be daunting, particularly in a trading floor environment. The financial world is a place where testosterone wins. Women must be able to function at a different level and with a thicker skin to be able to hold their ground in the overpowering setting. Having a little spice in my personality never hurt me, as I’ve been able to deal with the overwhelming characters in the industry. There is no time for second-guessing yourself when you work with people that are accustomed to constant activity. You hold your chin up, handle the business at hand without allowing any one person or situation to intimidate you. The energy you lead within the environment is what you will attract. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate that you can bring it.

‘Spicy’ can reflect a positive force if you own it. Set your own definition of the word by taking back its power. Women are a force to be reckoned with when grabbing hold of their femininity and identity. Stop letting others define who we are; is a good first step towards creating a world where we take charge and live on our own terms. If anyone says, “You’re Spicy,” show them just how spicy you can be!