Staycation and Self-Care Ideas That Don’t Require a Trip Out of Town

Staycation and Self-care BELatina Latinx
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We could ALL use a vacation, a break, a getaway, a temporary escape, something to switch up the routine!

Due to varying life circumstances, not everyone can get away or feels safe doing so. But if you can take a break from it all, even for a moment, here are some staycation and self-care ideas that don’t require a trip out of town, just some time outside the home to see where the day takes you!

  1. You do not have a pool but want to swim, and your local recreation pool is not open yet; maybe you are looking for more privacy? Now you can rent a pool for a day. A friend of mine used the app Swimly to book a pool to relax with some of his closest friends. They are also launching “Joyspace” soon, where you can rent basketball courts, private gyms, and home studios. The waitlist is open.
  2. Another option for pool access and amenities is ResortPass. They provide day passes, cabana rentals, and day room rentals to luxury hotels and resorts near you starting at only $25.
  3. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can also rent a garden or outdoor space via websites like Healing Gardens. “Bringing gorgeous Gardens to people who need to de-stress.” It is proven indoor plants and outdoor time with nature are good for people’s mental health and well-being, including Urban gardens.
  4. If you are looking for a unique space to hang out and host a small celebration or have some fun creating a photoshoot, websites like Peerspace also offer unique venues for rent.
  5. Plan a picnic or hire someone to set it up for you! In Los Angeles and across many areas of the US, the idea of a picnic outside (anything outside, really) has become new and fresh again! Take the day off to enjoy a picnic in a park, a rooftop, the beach, or some open clearing you have access to. Many Latinas have started picnic set up businesses and charcuterie board businesses, like 
  6. There has been an unfortunate amount of hate and harm to the AAPI community, and women account for most nail technicians. Support a small and local business that employs women while treating yourself to a pedicure or manicure. 
  7. Travel your town like a tourist and have fun with it! Is there a Zoo, an aquarium, an attraction, or a historical site you’ve never been to? Maybe it’s a place you have been to, but not in a long time? Revisiting may have some great nostalgic moments and joy flooding back to you. If you are not sure where to start or need some inspiration, visit your local visitor center website. There are likely coupons available as well.
  8. If you did not get your haircut at all or often over the last year, even getting a haircut can make you feel better. For me, I crave a haircut after a while because the longer it has been, the heavier the hair gets, and it starts to tangle more easily. These days I am keeping it shorter for less fuss.
  9. Exercising your mind and body is great for your health, mind, and body. You can meditate on a balcony, patio, or yard. You can also go to a beach or a park. If you have a high elevation point in your hometown like a local mountain, try that! The key is to find some quiet moments for yourself. Let go of the stress, the unknowns, and the fear to just be. There are outdoor cycling classes, yoga, bikes to rent, even going on a long walk that can make a difference for your body. Or bring a laptop or tablet outside and play a free online fitness class.

As with anything at this time, be mindful of local safety regulations and talk to your doctor about any vaccine questions you have. The pandemic is not over. Please be safe and be kind to yourself and service workers.