‘Stuck,’ A Poem by Sawhney The Writer

Stuck, A Poem by Sawhney BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of kinrosswhisky.com

Stuck by Sawhney the writer

I daydream about the days

when I could escape

into a different world, 

a different place

Stuck in a bubble

between a rock and a hard place

Stuck in the pressure

of a mind going against

the grain

While I wish

the dream would end

and I wish I could feel lucid movement

bringing me in control

I don’t

know how

I will

confront the feelings

at my core

I am stuck between

day dreams

and real life.

I force myself

into a hard place

Then I watch

the ethereal clouds

wield their power

when they dare to evaporate

into thin air

And here I am –

stuck between a rock

and a hard place