Super Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn: Redefining Success

Super Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn BELatina Latinx
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The Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on Thursday, June 24th, opposite the Sun in Cancer  — think “la Jefa” and “the Nurturer” — and you may begin to get the feeling that stars are intertwining success and self-care so we can truly win! It’s no mistake that this Full Moon is one of the most powerful astrological days of the year, coming in after Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, goes direct!

After a highly social and communicative stay in Gemini, including mercury in retrograde and eclipses, we are finally ready to get comfortable and slow down with Cancer season, which represents family and nurturing. Cancer is a cardinal sign; this means it initiates and asks us to nourish ourselves in various ways; combined with Capricorn themes, we are invited to ask questions that can truly shape how we live and work in our lives. 

What is the Full Strawberry Moon?

As shared in The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Ojibwe, Algonquin, Lakota, Dakota, and many other Native American peoples call it the “strawberry moon” because it coincides with the harvest. 

Full moons are a powerful time where the seeds and intentions planted during the New Moon have begun to manifest, and we can step back and integrate our projects and plans, and course correct if needed!  

Full moons are also the peak point of a regular astrological moon cycle. Storylines and situations initiated on a new moon come to a conclusion or greater clarity at a full moon about six months later. That’s why you can understand what is being made clearer to you now by looking back at the new moon six months ago and asking yourself what intentions did you seed at that time and what does it look like now?  

Many folks choose to charge their crystals under a full moon. Others leave a pitcher of water under the moonlight to make “moon water” and then drink throughout the day, feeling into the energy of expansion and integration the full moon can bring! 

This Super Moon is the third and final in a series; Super Moon in Scorpio, April 26th, and the Super Moon in Sagittarius, May 26th are the other two- and all were bringing in greater clarity and furthering us on our path of self-awareness. 

What does the Full Moon in Capricorn influence?

Capricorn, a cardinal earth-sign is symbolized by the sea-goat and ruled by Saturn (discipline, structure, and growth through challenge) often carries an ominous vibe because it symbolizes responsibility and sacrifice on some levels- and on the flip side, it encourages sovereignty and the will and resourcefulness to conquer any obstacle and come out winning! 

In other words, rising in our ambitions, career, and public recognition will be due to our inner and outer work and not based on some benefic planet giving us the nepotistic nod!

The moon represents our feelings and emotional processes and now highlights how we actually FEEL about success and what it means to us individually. Opposite the moon in Cancer (mother, safety, nurturing, and intuition), we are invited to ask ourselves deep questions about how we can nurture ourselves to success and allow our intuition to inspire us into the next level decisions, especially for our careers and businesses.

Now, just because the moon is in a sign ruled by the disciplinarian doesn’t mean we have to force or grunt through these reflection exercises. In fact, get really Cancerian with this and get your favorite comfy clothes on, a savory drink or treat (strawberries perhaps!) and curl up in the sunshine or on your bed (whatever feels more comfortable!) and play the music that inspires you! 

Make sure to have a cute journal with your favorite pen with you and allow yourself to close your eyes, breathe in the energy of rest and peace. Allow yourself to expand your lungs with a deep breath and call back energy and that you may have been investing in others or your job or career.

Here goes!

  • Get comfy and allow your eyes to close.
  • Breathe in and call in your energy and only your energy that serves at this time. Exhale what is no longer needed. Do this 3x. 
  • Imagine a beautiful place in nature that allows you to feel safe and at peace. 
  • Call in your intuition and deepest knowing. We are all intuitive!
  • Open your eyes and journal without too much thinking. Allow yourself to feel all the feels this might evoke!
  • How has my family defined success? Have I rebelled or accepted this definition? How much of this definition is based on being an immigrant or learning to work hard to survive?
  • What are some challenges I’ve overcome, and what am I really proud of?
  • What are my patterns of work and play? Do I play enough? Do I burn the candle at both ends, and how has this affected my well-being?
  • Am I focusing too much on work and sacrificing time with my family and relationships? 
  • How has my definition of success supported me? Does it still serve my overall wellness? Does it need a reboot?
  • If there was no financial or resource limitation, what is my most spacious, life-affirming definition of success? 

Breathe into that feeling of redefining exito on your terms. When we heal and release the stories of overwork or accepting less than we deserve to survive, we allow ourselves to make choices where we can thrive!

Write out an intention for this Full Moon: It is now safe for me to succeed in my own way, and my definition of success includes self-care, rest, play, and more _________ and less ___________. I thank my old patterns for supporting me this far on my journey, and now I am ready to level up!

How does it feel when we open our hearts and minds to new forms of success, such as more time to rest and unplug from the often subconscious, colonized thinking of over-productivity and hyper-alertness? 

What if placing our well-being first made us more creative, productive, and happy?

No, it’s not a fantasy. In fact, this Super moon, along with a sextile to Jupiter (expansion and growth) in Pisces (intuition, spirit, and inspiration), invites us to assess what we’ve already accomplished and to look forward to our growth through the lens of “is this good for my mind, body, and spirit? Is this how I truly want to live?” 

We don’t have to figure it all out during this full moon in Capricorn but daring to breathe deeply and ask ourselves these questions can support shifts that bring us more comfort and feelings of spaciousness now — not when we buy a glamourous car, get the corner office or get the 2.5 kids and the picket fence. 

This exercise encourages mindfulness and allows us to be at greater peace with what is. Being at peace with what is often leads to more self-love and acceptance and creating our own way forward that increases joy rather than the age-old repression of “the way things have always been done.” 

The path to individual sovereignty and collective transformation from survival patterns to thriving won’t be without their challenges, reinvention, and daring to create our own ways of being- and thankfully, we are ready to redefine!