Surrealist-Futurist Latin Band, Musaraña, Wants to Revolutionize the Universe with First Album and Video

Musaraña Album BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Musaraña.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here: the surreal-futuristic Latin band Musaraña’s first album will be released on July 30, and its first video is the perfect preamble to a sidereal experience.

Between flying tostones and images and music that are both campy and incredibly profound, Musaraña opens wide the doors to their universe with the release of their new music video, album, and debut show in New York.

While Musaraña has been leaking snippets of their vision since last year in the releases of their songs Munchie Sexual and, more recently, Valle and Ropa Sucia, it is in Musaraña’s new album of the same name and the official music video for Munchie Sexual where we see the duo’s dreamscape fully realized.

As the band explained in a press release, both the album and video embody Laboy’s mission to create a genre that brings to life a futuristic soneo/rumba-like sound that confronts traditional patriarchy, inequalities, and a general sense of powerlessness and gives them a surreal twist.

Musaraña then tries to answer the question of where reality, freedom, and happiness really exist and how to let go of everything that is not that. With songs like Diamante, Invento, Despojo, Aguaecoco, and More Party For Us, Musaraña offers a kind of daily affirmation meant to change the mind, empower and move the audience.

“When I first launched my project, someone close to me sent me a very concerned message about what I was doing; about what I was putting out there — the music, the imagery; I knew then I was on the right track, questioning all the stories many of us have grown up with, especially within patriarchal and colonized contexts, around shame and sexuality and owning your power; around liberation. Because at the end of the day, this is what this video and album are about, about achieving the ultimate release, the ultimate liberation from the many layers of struggles that bind us,” shared Laboy.

Directed by Pablo Barrera of Xizmo Media, colorized by Charles Klein, and animated by Miguel Hernandez, the entire video introduces the audience to the band’s mythical playground, the lens through which much of the musical offerings are imagined. Musaraña’s self-titled album is an intentionally irrational juxtaposition of lyrics, sounds, and images designed to awaken, empower and liberate the unconscious mind.

It features songs that combine various rhythms such as salsa, perico ripiao, reggaeton, bomba, plena, merengue, palo, funk, and samba, with psychedelic/electronic and futuristic arrangements.

“What is super interesting about what we are doing is that we have set out to deconstruct standard musical structures that we are used to listening to, especially within Latin genres. Sure, salsa and perreo are amazing, but it’s time we push the envelope even more, see what other sounds we can come up with as a community. And in that way, we are not just introducing a new song or a new sound. We are introducing the idea of a new genre to the world, opening up the space for other artists to follow suit and dare push the limits of their own musical explorations. If we can accomplish this, we will have succeeded,” added Rigau.

Musaraña’s new video will premiere on July 28, and the album will be released two days later. Likewise, viewers and fans will be able to see Musaraña live at their debut performance at The Caribbean Social Club in Brooklyn, NY, on Saturday, July 31.