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Misinformation, a Silent Threat to Latinos in the U.S.

The Latino community in the U.S. is now considered the most influential voting bloc and the new swing voters, which implies that its political...

How Facebook Has Managed To Control Our Lives, Until Now

This Monday, October 4, Facebook experienced what Stephen Colbert called the work of "a just God," when after a whistleblower denounced the company's lack...

These Two Immigrant-Run Publications Aim To Fight Against Misinformation

For four years the news industry was vilified, leaving many people doubting what they were reading, or, worse — believing outrageous claims purposely made...

Check Your Sources and Debunk Harmful Conspiracy Theories

These days it seems as if harmful conspiracy theories are running rampant, and no topic is off-limits. From the Covid-19 vaccine to climate change...

Three Key Tips From Google to Fight Misinformation

Until just a few months ago, the United States had a president whose answer to everything was the de-legitimization of information and the spread...

Have We Been Desensitized to Lies?

Every time Trump makes false claims of victory and unsupported accusations of fraud, people wonder if he actually believes what comes out of his...