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BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Inspiration4, Emmys, And More

Happy Monday morning to those of you who feel happy on a Monday morning. For the rest of us, we hope the week goes...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: 9/11, US Open, Gentefied, And More

Last weekend was not an easy one for the United States. The whole country was remembering with a heavy heart the events of 9/11...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Hurricane Ida, Camila Cabello, And More

We start this Monday with enough coffee and energy to get you ready for the week. From the impact of Hurricane Ida to Camila Cabello's...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Hurricane Ida, BELatina TV, And More

Happy Monday morning. Last Friday, we went to bed exhausted but happy to have closed the first day of production of BELatina's new project, BELatina...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Selena Gomez, and More

Happy Monday morning. We start this week with the post-holiday blues taking its toll on our mood, but with enough coffee to tell you about...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Haiti, Afghanistán, Bad Bunny, And More

Happy Monday morning. We wish we could tell you that we have the best energies to start this week, but we'd be lying. Between the...

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Lionel Messi, Andrew Cuomo, Kendi King, and More

If you are like us, you might’ve decided to disconnect this weekend, putting your phone on flight mode, and unplugging from the world with...