‘Talk Fast, Listen Slow’ Has a Second Season and We Are Living for It

Talk Fast Listen Slow BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com/ TFLS

Our universal mejores amigas are back. The Dominican dynamic duo, Angela Carrasco and Katherine Castro, are giving the world the second season of Talk Fast, Listen Slow — and we are living for it! 

Their podcast is quickly becoming a safe haven for those who want to open up dialogue and listen to an honest discussion without feeling judged for it.

“We love being a safe space to discuss it all,” the powerful Dominican podcast hosts told BELatina News recently. 

According to Carrasco and Castro, this season of Talk Fast, Listen Slow will feature comedians, badass women, and media disruptors. Their advice and a peek at their lives through their impeccable (laced with humor and sarcasm) art of storytelling will also be present throughout the entire season. 

Aside from releasing weekly pieces of truths, both Latinas are also well-versed in entrepreneurship. In other words, they are continuously making jefa moves. 

Carrasco is a bona fide real estate agent in California and publicist, while Castro is an actress and producer.

If you ever wondered what your sister or BFF would sound like in a podcast, then this is it. Pressing play on even one episode can put you at ease. Not to exaggerate, but after I heard a few minutes of their segment, I felt engulfed by a wave of relief because it’s great to know that these Latinas are willing to be vulnerable for everyone, and they do it with confidence. 

Whether it’s sex, horoscope, dating advice, women empowerment, Latinidad, and more, they’ll go into it. They do promise, after all, that no topic is off-limits. 

Being that their conversations are vast in their topics, their audience is growing beyond women and Latinas. 

“We are so grateful that the podcast has resonated with our audience. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see so much engagement from men, especially!” 

Their recent episode, Horoscopes and Brad Pitt, was an introspective depiction of human behavior via horoscope, an approach some might call unconventional. But it worked. Give it a listen, and you’ll see why.

It was also great to learn that Castro is a fellow Scorpio Moon in this episode. And not be biased or anything, but Scorpio Moons know how to rock anything. 

Carrasco and Castro, alongside producer ​​Michael Cameneti, released their latest season on July 22nd. Since then, two episodes, filled with unfiltered conversations, have aired.

Talk Fast, Listen Slow airs every Thursday on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. 

Remember, listening to them is a step in the right direction to elevating all Latina voices.