Talking Self-Love With Gisella Aboumrad

Talking self-love with Gisella Aboumrad BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Gisella Aboumrad

Our experiences as human beings and women create connections. Sharing stories not only help inspire others to take action but also encourages healing and self-love. That is why my conversation with Gisella Aboumrad has been one of the most transformative moments I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

The actress popped into the meeting looking fierce and confident! The energy in the virtual space supported a candid yet friendly conversation. Her authenticity and openness made this interview exceptionally easy. She radiated positive energy while relaying a beautiful message of empowerment and commitment to women on the journey to self-love. 

Gisella plays radio host “Rox” in NBC-Universal Telemundo’s newest soap-opera hit, “La Suerte de Loli.” The ensemble cast is filled with talent and characters that men and women will empathize with as the drama of their lives unfolds on screen. 

She is a sassy and energetic personality that exudes the confidence many of us wish we had in reality. Living life out loud without the limiting beliefs that stop us from pursuing our deepest desires. 

The curvaceous beauty’s character does not hold back; she speaks her mind. Coincidentally, the actress behind “Rox” is also unapologetically herself. Her responses to my interview questions were heartfelt and refreshingly unfiltered. I’m sure her words will resonate with you as much as they did for me.

Does it come easy to play Rox? What is the biggest challenge in playing such a dynamic character? 

It was not difficult to play her, as life has been preparing me for this role. Before acting, I was a radio host, loved my work and listening to people. This character is inspiring, powerful and plays a supportive role in her friends’ lives. All these things are a part of who she is, a great friend who is self-assertive and pushes the body-positive movement. I’m grateful to Telemundo for letting me play this character. The average size for today’s woman is a Size 16. It is amazing to see actresses like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy impact the large and small screen, front and center — we are being seen. We must continue to move away from body shaming. It‘s time to help stop the bullying that causes embarrassment or guilt to so many; therefore, playing Rox is a big deal at this moment.

Did you learn anything about yourself while playing Rox?

My character is secure and unstoppable. She knows how to deal with life’s difficulties. A long time ago, my grandmother told me, “You can get whatever you want, but you have to know yourself, what it is that you want.”  To find this answer, you must love yourself, but first, it is essential to see yourself as the powerful person you are. It took time to see my beauty in the mirror. I had to do the work. It feels like a responsibility to represent plus-size in the media. We must continue to do what it takes to get to the next level and have a strong support network.

We have a culture that is borderline obsessed with creating the perfect picture image. Have you personally battled with the stress of meeting expectations set by society concerning body image? If so, how did you manage not to let it overwhelm or consume you?

 It is a long journey to self-acceptance and love. People are craving attention, starving to fulfill other people’s expectations, as they look for outside validation. The real key is to look within, trust yourself, and know what nothing is perfect. Every individual is unique, and the standard of beauty is different for each of us. We are not here to satisfy anyone else but ourselves. Seek self-love, find out what you want, and seek a purpose that brings you true happiness. I had an accident 12 years ago that ruined my face for some time. It forced me to ask myself, “What is real beauty?”  I realized it is more than a body, eyes, hair – it comes down to the soul and motivation in life.

I love quotes. The words change depending on what I need at certain times in my life. I came across a quote on your Instagram, which I will translate. “We don’t look for the most important people; life introduces them to us.” What does this quote mean to you? Who is one of those important people in your life and why? 

I met my dearest friend, Juan, about eight years ago. He is a cameraman with Telemundo — he is my person. Juan is currently going through something. I told him to trust his gut because things happen for a reason. Life comes together. You come across the right people, long as you are paying attention. We have to do whatever we can to be there for those we care about, Juan is my person, and we don’t let each other down. 

The people we surround ourselves with have an effect on us. They impact our lives. The women you are working with are strong, talented, and amazing women like yourself. Women have the power to inspire each other. How has this group of women empowered you? 

Bullying over my weight has not stopped. I still get the looks and judgment in certain situations, but these beautiful women lookout for me. We take care of each other as sisters as we walk the path of self-love. Trusting one another enough to talk about the things we fear or hurt is hard, but it has to happen. As women, there are always struggles, but we support one another through the challenging moments. Having a network that offers strength and hope is invaluable in times of need. We are not in competition, instead choosing to push each other to be and feel better. 

I am starting a podcast to start these conversations, hopefully assisting in moving the cause forward. This cause is extremely important, and we should accept that your only competitor is yourself, the woman in the mirror. 

For any readers that have not had the opportunity to watch an episode, in one sentence, tell us, why should they watch La Suerte de Loli if they have not already?

This is the new way to see life through a soap opera.

La Suerte de Loli has a bit of everything, almost as if it’s taken right out of real life. The situations presented are a collection of modern drama plots that can easily resemble the lives of many people in the audience. The comedic element is a breath of fresh air to lighten some of the serious subject matters that arise in the plotline.

We are our own worst critics, often bearing down on ourselves when making mistakes or bad judgment calls. The outside pressures we withstand to satisfy others’ need to box us into a category only adds to the emotional and psychological turmoil endured when you don’t know who you are. This tug-of-war can cause internal struggle with the potential to chip away at one’s confidence, self-love, and self-worth. Eventually, creating a pool of insecurity and fear that makes people feel discouraged – alone.

Gisella’s dedication to spreading positivity everywhere she goes is praiseworthy. She inspires us to find our voice and nurture love from the inside out. We can’t give love that we don’t have for ourselves. She is a light of hope with an important message to deliver to women. We are not our bodies. It is the spirit that reflects our true inner beauty.