Meet Tatiana Matta, the Boricua Now Working as Joe Biden’s National Latino Advisor

Tatiana Matta BELatina Latinx

Tatiana Matta, a Boricua native from the town of Caguas, has been appointed as the official National Latino Advisor for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Matta, a Democrat, ran for the U.S. House to represent California’s 23rd Congressional District against Kevin McCarthy (R) in 2018. Though McCarthy took to office, she has continued to focus on making an impact.

In preparation for her current duties, she obtained her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the Universidad Metropolitana of Cupey and has her master’s degree in Public Relations from George Washington University. 

Matta has previously expressed her support toward statehood but has confirmed that she is now working toward prioritizing Biden’s views.

The former vice president’s preliminary plan for Puerto Rico was communicated through an op-ed he wrote this past December for one of the island’s main publications, El Nuevo Día. There’s no doubt that it is a complete shift from anything Trump has ever said about La Isla del Encanto.

“…Donald Trump has insulted Puerto Ricans and its leaders. He has abandoned his responsibility to provide assistance and support for the recuperation of the island. During his only visit in response to Hurricane María, he couldn’t even offer the most minimal expression of empathy or support,” Biden stated (translated from Spanish for the purpose of this text). 

“It is time that Washington responds with the respect and the resources that Puerto Rico deserves,” wrote Biden. “This finally means providing concrete support to Puerto Rico and rapidly giving help to communities who have a pending need for reconstruction.” 

Matta told El Nuevo Día that as part of her role, she hopes to collaborate with the presidential candidate and his team to enhance his plan for Puerto Rico as well as work towards strengthening the relationship with Puerto Rico’s diaspora.

“It’s of the utmost importance that Puerto Rico has a voice,” Matta said in Biden’s campaign (translated from Spanish for the purpose of this text). 

Aside from Tatiana Matta’s significance to Biden’s campaign, we have others working with Biden to ensure a successful presidential campaign. For instance, in Puerto Rico, Biden’s committee is comprised of one of Puerto Rico’s former governors, Alejandro García Padilla; the spokesperson of Puerto Rico’s New Progressive Party (PNP) in the Senate, Carmelo Ríos; and the spokesperson for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) in the House of Representatives, Rafael Hernández.

At the national level, congresspeople Nydia Velázquez from New York and Darren Soto from Florida make up part of Biden’s Hispanic leadership committee.

Matta currently resides in Massachusetts alongside her family. You can keep up with her commitment to Biden’s campaign via this Facebook page.