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Tego Calderón Makes His TikTok Debut and Announces New Music

Tego Calderón Makes His TikTok Debut and Announces New Music
Credit: TikTok, Screenshot/ @tegocalderon

Metele sazón, bateria reggaeton… Tego Calderón’s long-awaited return is here!

El Abayarde – as the reggaetonero calls himself – shared new music by making his TikTok debut. Calderón posted a short preview of his upcoming music video for the song titled, “La Receta.”



♬ original sound – TegoCalderon

The video was published four days and it’s already garnered over one million views and thousands of likes.

The song features the classic reggaeton vibes that Calderón is known for. As if the Puerto Rican reggaetonero couldn’t excite his fans more, he also announced that he will release “La Receta” this Friday, the 28th of April.

Naturally, people are going crazy about this announcement.

Twitter user @hegolocoforsoso wrote: TEGO CALDERON IS DROPPING FRIDAY!!!!!! MY HEART IS SO HAPPY OMG



And @michoacanfina shared their excitement by tweeting: Tego Calderon Is Doing A Fucken Comeback , EL ENEMY !!!

Tego Calderón the great

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, Calderon has made it a point to pay homage to his Afro-Caribbean roots through his music. He challenges anyone who believes reggaeton is a simple genre by adding lyrical percussion and poetic Caribbean rhythms to his songs. Thus, making his music timeless.

Calderón was also one of the first Reggaeton artists to break records. When he released his album “El Abayarde” in 2002, he sold 50,000 units. This cemented his influence in reggaeton, which was still in its early stages then.

The talented rapper has sold out stadiums and has a lot of “firsts” attached to his career. For instance, he was the first rap artist to perform at the traditional National Day of Salsa celebration in Puerto Rico.

His legacy is lauded by current reggaeton stars as well. Bad Bunny, for example, recently told TIME Magazine that he thinks Tego Calderón is the greatest reggaetonero ever. (However, let’s not forget that this was the same interview where Benito failed to recognize the blatant colorism within the music industry.) El Conejo Malo also paid tribute to Calderón during his Coachella set this year.

Are you as excited as us for Tego Calderón’s music?

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