The Top 10 Rescue IG Accounts That Will Inspire You to Love Animals Even More

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If there is one silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that rescue animals are being adopted at exponential rates compared to before. People who may have been hesitant about committing to a pet before now have more time on their hands (and more time at home!) to spend on a cuddly critter. And because of this, the occupancy rates at animal shelters have plummeted. 

This observation isn’t just an unfounded theory; it’s backed up by facts. In April, New York City-based nonprofit Foster Dogs Inc told AP News that they had 3,000 foster dogs applications that month. The previous April, they only had 140.

“Shelter dogs are really winning in this entire coronavirus experience,” said Sarah Brasky, founder of Foster Dogs Inc. “It’s a strange phenomenon because there was always interest in fostering and rescue, but now it is exploding.”

Honestly, there’s nothing more inspiring than knowing that more four-legged friends are finding their forever homes amidst all this chaos. And because we’re human, we love to see their heartwarming journeys documented online for the world to see.

And thanks to Instagram, practically everyone can witness the miracle of animal rescue on a daily basis. Here are the top 10 rescue Instagram accounts that will inspire you to love animals even more. 

P.S. While you’re browsing pictures of adorable animals, don’t forget to donate to your favorite organization (if you have the means, of course!). Animals aren’t able to help themselves, so it’s up to us to help animals. 


Rescue Pets Of Instagram is the ultimate rescue Instagram account. Not only are the photos adorable (which is a requirement), but they’re user-generated. Anyone who thinks their animal is Insta-worthy is free to submit their pet for a possible feature. Head to this page for pics of happy dogs and cats who have already found their forever homes. And if you’re lucky, submit your own animal, and maybe the page will feature your best friend on its feed too!


The Animal Pad is an Instagram page devoted to the pups that have been rescued by this San Diego-based organization. This organization devotes most of its time and resources to rescuing strays that are roaming Mexico’s streets (right across the border). They also spend a lot of time rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters. Head to this Insta page to see awe-inspiring transformations and stories that will pull at your heartstrings. 


If you’re more of a cat person, look no further than this popular account. This Instagram account is run by Hannah Shaw, aka “The Kitten Lady.” Shaw is an educator, rescuer, and author of the New York Times bestselling book Tiny But Mighty. Shaw’s Instagram page is chock-full of photos of teeny-tiny kittens that would make even the most avowed dog-lover a cat person.


This Instagram page is devoted to chronicling the efforts of Hope For Paws Rescue, a non-profit that rescues “animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild.” Unlike the other pages, Hope For Paws doesn’t just focus on pets, but they also rescue wild animals like raccoons, owls, and possums. Founded by Eldad Hagar in 2008, Hope For Paws also has a thriving YouTube channel with almost 5 million subscribers. 


Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization based in India whose mission is to “ rescue and treat the un-owned street animals of Udaipur who have become ill or injured.” Like Hope For Paws, Animal Aid Unlimited doesn’t just rescue dogs and cats, but any animal species in need. Their Instagram feed is full of pictures of smiling animals who look happy to be alive. 


Flatbush Cats is a TNR (trap, neuter, return) organization based in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Flatbush Cats’ Instagram page has pictures of cats and kittens of every age, size, and color. Not only can you scroll through a practically endless amount of cat photos on this page, but you can also browse videos of cats playing, eating, and being cuddled. Flatbush Cats also has an extremely popular Youtube channel where they go more in-depth in chronicling their TNR missions.


If you’re looking for a change of pace when it comes to your animal rescue content, this might be the exact Instagram page for you. Little Brook Farm bills itself as “one of the oldest horse rescue/sanctuaries in the US.” The organization currently oversees the lifelong care of one hundred horses and a few stray goats. Visit this page if you’re a horse girl at heart or if you’re just in the mood for something different on Instagram.


International Animal Rescue is an organization that also doesn’t just limit itself to rescuing domesticated animals. International Animal Rescue not only works to save animals from suffering but to “rehabilitate and release them back into the wild” as well as work towards preserving animals’ natural habitats. Their Instagram feed has tons of photos of precious baby orangutans and regal grizzly bears. The content on their feed is both interesting and uplifting.


Bounce Animal Rescue is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that “rescues and transitions displaced domestic animals into their ideal homes.” The organization is 100% foster-based, so it is unique in that it doesn’t have a physical shelter. Bounce Animal Rescue appears to put a lot of effort into “marketing” their animals, so browse their feed for pictures of dogs (and the occasional cat!) dressed up in adorable seasonal outfits with smile-inducing captions. 


AMA Animal Rescue is an organization that is doing the tough work. This nonprofit focuses on rescuing animals in “the most severe cases of abuse and neglect.” This Instagram feed isn’t always an easy scroll, though. AMA Animal Rescue shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of rescuing neglected and abused animals. But the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is seeing these innocent animals rehabilitated and with a new lease on life.