The Best Beauty Products and Gadgets To Grab For Spring

Beauty products and gadgets Spring BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Vegan Food and Living

Spring is one of those seasons that brings with it warmer weather, more sunshine, and the blooming of flowers. We see all the beautiful hues around us and naturally want to wear them ourselves. This means soft pastels; bold, bright colors; and an overall change from the moody, deep hues of fall and winter. 

In addition to each season’s come beauty products and gadgets we can’t wait to try out. To celebrate spring and all the beauty it brings, we did some research and found several items you’ll want to instantly drop into your online cart. And, of course, the majority of them are from Latinx-owned brands. 

Lights Lacquer Secret Garden Nail Polish BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Lights Lacquer

Secret Garden Nail Polish, by Lights Lacquer

Described as a “pastel sage with blue hues,” Secret Garden is a new nail polish from Lights Lacquer’s It Was All a Dream collection, which is inspired by French Rococo style. It’s a perfect pastel hue for spring; the added bonus is that the formulation is also cruelty-free, seven-free, and vegan. 

Available at, $9.50

Mañanita Kit Vamigas BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Vamigas

Mañanita Kit, by VAMIGAS 

Skincare routines have gone from splashing water on your face after a simple cleanse to a multistep process that combines beauty, science, and self-care. Whatever your style is, you’ll want to check out Vamigas’ Mañanita Kit. The brand combines botanicals from Inca, Aztec, Mapuche, Andean, and Maya land, for beauty products that are 100% vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. This kit contains their Olinda Clarifying Cleanser, Luz de Sur Rejuvenating Oil, and Pampas Balancing Face Mist. 

Available at vamigascom, $90

Facial Cleansing Massager, by meejee

Whenever we wash our face, we want to get deep down into our skin to remove d

Meejee Beauty products and gadgets BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Meejee

Dirt and oil and massage the face. If there’s a gadget that helps us achieve this, even better. The meejee is a facial cleansing massager made of silicone that pulses, with a “massaging basin” on the back that helps you get products like moisturizer and oil right into your skin. Added bonus? The brand joined forces with Plasticbank so that for every meejee sold, 100 plastic bottles will be spared from making it into the ocean.

Available at, $79.99

Beauty Products Spring Que lo Que Vive Cosmetics Lipstick Shop BeLatina Latinx
Photo: ShopLatinx

Que lo Que Lipstick, by Vive Cosmetics

Spring is when we reach for cheery, bold colors. A lipstick that will bring a smile to your face with its rich, vibrant hue is Vive Cosmetics’ Que lo Que. Named after the Dominican slang for “what’s up,” Que lo Que is a “pretty berry red with blue undertones.” 

Available at, $18

Botanika BeLatina Latinx
Photo: BotanikaBeauty

The Definer Light Curl Cream, by BotanikaBeauty

Spring means that the temps are rising, and that means our curls might be drying out. Hotter weather means we should pay more attention to keeping rizos healthy, bouncy, and moisturized. Thankfully, brands like BotanikaBeauty are dedicated to just that–keeping your curls looking and feeling their best. A bestseller is their The Definer Light Curl Cream, which is great with all hair types, and hydrates with natural ingredients such as bay leaf, marshmallow root, and moringa oil. 

Available at, $10.99

Beauty Products Spring Besame Cosmetics BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Besame Cosmetics

Cold Cream, by Besame Cosmetics

Cold cream is a vintage beauty staple that has been around for over 100 years. Millions of women have used the emulsification of water and oil to cleanse their faces, remove makeup, and hydrate the skin. Besame Cosmetics, who famously recreates yesteryear’s vintage beauty products, has ventured into skincare, creating items like their very own cold cream, made without toxic ingredients such as mineral oil parabens and fragrance, but with plenty of Vitamin E. 

Available at, $36

Edge Styler Shop BeLatina Latinx
Photo: ShopLatinx

Edge Styler™

If you want to lay your baby hair flawlessly, you need the right tool. The Edge Styler has everything you need, all in one gadget — there’s a comb that will separate and smooth, bristles made of natural boar that “swoop and shape,” and a pointed tip that lets you get into the details of your look. 

Available at, $15

Beauty Products Spring Concha Highlighter Glam Cosmetics BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Glamlite Cosmetics

Concha Highlighter, by Glamlite Cosmetics

Conchas and highlighters are literally two of the favorite things of so many Latinxs. Glamlite Cosmetics decided to do a mashup, combining the two for a must-have beauty product. Their Concha Highlighter is not only housed in an adorable concha-emblazoned gold compact, but it’s packed with a pretty pink highlighting powder that packs a glowy punch. 

Available at, $14

Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Lanshin

Lanshin Pro Black Nephrite Jade Gua Sha Tool, by Lanshin

The Chinese culture has a long tradition of true, natural remedies that make skin look glowy, toned, and healthy. One that has garnered popularity and a lot of attention lately is Gua Sha. The traditional Chinese medicine practice uses a tool to scrape the skin (“gua” means “scrape,” and “sha” translates to “sand”). When done on the face, this leads to massaged skin, the drainage of excess fluids, improved circulation, and a toned, lifted face. Lanshin tops beauty lists as the best Gua Sha tool; it is made from black nephrite jade and designed by an herbalist, acupuncturist, and Chinese Medicine-based skincare and Facial Gua Sha expert. 

Available at, $125

Beauty Products Elaluz Lip & Cheek Stain BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Elaluz

Lip & Cheek Stain, by Elaluz

Perhaps because of the constant mask-wearing of 2020 and 2021, a stained lip is a beauty trend for this year. It gives you a healthy flush of color without the commitment or possible mess of a full-on lipstick or gloss. Elaluz has a stain (made from Brazilian guarana and prickly pear extracts) “in the perfect universal red” that you can use on both your lips and cheeks for a flattering, flushed, you-but-better look. Added bonus? It’s clean, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Available at, $34

Melt Cosmetics She's in Parties Palette BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Melt Cosmetics

She’s in Parties Palette, by Melt Cosmetics

Purple eyeshadow is another beauty trend you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2021. Melt Cosmetics has a fabulous shadow palette called She’s in Parties, which features a variety of purple hues alongside neutral beige and rich burgundy hues. It’s great for nailing this latest color trend but will also work for so many other makeup looks.  

Available at, $48

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Rare Beauty

Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush, by Rare Beauty

Blush instantly makes you look younger, healthier, and glowier. A blush that is getting buzz in the beauty world is Rare Beauty’s Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush. This beauty product is available in five hues, is inspired by the natural blush one gets when being vulnerable, and comes in a “liquid-like cream” formulation that melts into the skin for goof-proof application. 

Available at, $21

bliss spa to go 10 Minute Facial BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Target

bliss Spa-To-Go 10 Minute Facials

We are all about self-care but may not have the time or patience for it. That’s when we need a quick beauty pick-me-up that works wonders in a short amount of time. Spa-to-go 10 Minute Facials is bliss’ solution to restoring skin on the go. They offer four masks: Pore Refining, a volcanic sand facial; Resurfacing, an enzyme facial; Moisture Intensifier, a hyaluronic acid facial; and Detoxifying, charcoal facial. 

Available at, $4.99 each

KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick BeLatina Latinx
Photo: KVD Beauty

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A-Go-Go, by KVD Beauty

Red-orange lips and orange makeup in general, are big makeup trends for 2021. The bright pop of color manages to look fun and chic at the same time. A must-grab version of this hue is KVD Beauty’s A-Go-Go, a matte “bright orange-red” that will be long-lasting, even under your face mask. 

Available at, $21

Reina Rebelde Bonita Bandera Eyeliner BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Reina Rebelde

Rebel Eye Definer Liquid Eyeliner in Bonita Bandera, by Reina Rebelde

2021 is all about pops of color on the eyes, like bright cobalt blue mascara and pastel eyeshadows. Why not get that bold hue in the form of a liquid eyeliner? Reina Rebelde teamed up with Viva Glam Kay (Kay-Lani Martinez) for a Puerto Rican-inspired collection, which includes this water-resistant “vibrant blue” liner inspired by the island’s flag. 

Available at, $15