The Honey Pot, the World’s First Plant-Based, Black-Owned Menstrual Care Line

The Honey Pot BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Boss Up Magazine.

For at least six years, I’ve been evangelizing to people with vaginas about the menstrual cup. For people sensitive to atopic dermatitis like me, eliminating the use of traditional sanitary pads is a blessing.

However, for Beatrice Dixon, founder and CEO of The Honey Pot, the options for vaginal health go far beyond the cup.

The idea for the world’s first plant-based feminine care line came to Dixon in a dream, where her late grandmother shared with her the idea of creating her own natural remedy to treat the bacterial vaginosis that had afflicted her for years.

As the founder told The Helm, she decided to share her first product, The Normal Wash, with as many friends as she could, testing and surveying to see if others with vaginas experienced the same positive reaction.

Eighteen months later, in 2013, she took The Honey Pot Company’s natural wash to a hair fair in Atlanta, selling 600 bottles in one weekend. Within a year, Dixon had placed the brand on her local Whole Foods store; it didn’t take long for Target buyers to contact her to set up a meeting.

Thanks to a $21,000 loan from her brother and co-founder, Simon Gray, and a 2017 fundraiser, Dixon was able to quit her job and run The Honey Pot Company full-time.

“I’m happy to be in a position where the company is doing well. Everything that we have worked for we’ve earned, and it shows me that [Black women] can fucking do it,” Dixon told The Helm. “I have so many friends who are Black-owned businesses that are scaling, that are growing, that are one day going to sell, and they have done that without a program behind them. They’ve done it because they’ve wanted to, and we can do the same thing that anybody else can. We just have to be given the opportunity to show that we can do anything we put our minds to.”

For Dixon, her brand is what some would label “disruptive.” For starters, it’s an all-natural brand, free of parabens, sulfates, dioxins, dyes, and artificial fragrances. As the founder explained to Authority Magazine, many conventional brands are not transparent about the ingredients in their formulas, so it has been an important change for feminine care companies to give consumers 100% information about what is in their feminine care products.

Another differentiator for The Honey Pot is that it offers everything for hygiene and vagina care under one umbrella.

“Traditionally, consumers had to shop their feminine hygiene from one brand and their feminine care from another company. We wanted to make it simple and easy from a consumer shopping experience that they can purchase clean, healthy feminine products from a brand they trust,” Dixon added. “Also, in addition to being clean and natural, we are also effective.”

But that’s not all. The Honey Pot has partnered with Happy Period to provide menstrual hygiene kits to homeless and low-income people with vaginas.

“Feminine care is not a luxury. It’s a human right. We’re proud to partner with #HappyPeriod to help give women in need the dignity they deserve,” Dixon said of the partnership.