The Prettiest Hoops From Latinx Jewelry Brands You’ll Want to Wear

Latinx Jewelry Hoops Latinas BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Popsugar.

Latinas, jewelry, and hoops are forever intertwined. Whether it’s Lupe Velez wearing a pair of hoops with a fierce stare in the days of Old Hollywood or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defiantly wearing hoops to her Congressional swearing-in ceremony, hoop earrings have been a way for Latinas to feel stylish, bold, and connected with their culture. In a time when society wants everyone to be laid-back, casual, and “mainstream,” big hoops serve as an act of defiance for Latinxs who don’t want to look subdued.  

This loyalty means that not only do we have a solid collection of beautiful hoops but that we are constantly on the lookout for more. A bonus is when these hoops are made by us, for us, so we wanted to put together a great shoppable guide to the coolest hoop earrings, all from Latinx jewelry brands. 

The Engelique Earring Black, by XIXI

Adrienne Houghton’s jewelry line, XIXI, is brimming with must-have baubles. The Engelique Earring, which comes in different stones (as well as in silver metal), but pictured here in black, combines an old-school rope chain hoop with a glam emerald-cut stone. 

Available at, $35

Baby Heart Hoops, by Honey B. Gold

Valentine’s Day has passed, but that doesn’t mean we want to stop seeing and shopping, cute heart-shaped jewelry. Honey B. Gold, which always stocks a great variety of hoops, has these pretty earrings that are not only heart-shaped but are also made up of small hearts. It’s the perfect balance of badass and sweet. 

Available at, $18

Bella Donna Hoops, by XIO by Ylette

In addition to fun hoops, it’s also a good idea to have a solid selection of classic hoops. These Bella Donna hoop earrings by XIO by Ylette fit the bill. They are bold, gold, and chunky, with a cool oval shape. 

Available at, $50

I Lock You So Much Hoops, by Daniela Salcedo Jewelry

Another pair of hoops that feature romantic hearts are these I Lock You So Much earrings, made by Daniela Salcedo. Created in 24 karats gold-plated bronze, they combine glam and fun to create must-have accessories. 

Available at, $235 (currently out of stock)

90s Anxiety Hoops, by Trap Hoops

You want a lot of your hoops to be “go big or go home.” After all, hoops are meant to stand out and make a statement, no? You’ll definitely want to reach for these 90s Anxiety Hoops from Trap Hoops. They’re big statement earrings that also have that on-trend, throwback 1990s vibe.

Available at, $9.99

Gold Chunky Bonita Hoops, by Viva La Bonita

Next on our list of must-have hoops are Viva La Bonita’s Gold Chunky Bonita Hoops. Plated in 14k gold, they feature the word “bonita” across them to remind yourself of how fabulous you are. They’re also a great medium size, yet still bold. 

Available at, $30

Chicana Hoops, by Mission Native

Want to show off your Chicana pride? You can by rocking these hoops. The Chicana Hoops from Mission Native let the world instantly know you are a proud Chicana while also adding some oomph to your outfits. 

DM on Instagram to purchase

Stone Hoop Earrings – Kris, by Ana Luisa

Not all hoops have to be big. In fact, we’ve been seeing small, on-trend hoops everywhere these days. One pair that we love is the Kris, by Ana Luisa. It features glam gold, taken up a notch by a geometric shape, and the addition of inset cubic zirconia. 

Available at, $75

The Baguette Baby Hoop, by XIXI

Another small pair of hoops to add to your collection is The Baguette Baby Hoop from XIXI. They’re on the smaller side but still packed with tons of shine, thanks to several cubic zirconia baguette stones. You can get these in a gold finish, rose gold, or silver. 

Available at, $35

Make Jefa Moves Hoops, by Hija de tu Madre

Jewelry is fabulous on its own. But it’s even more special when it contains an inspiring message. These hoops from Hija de tu Madre are not only stylish but remind you to make important jefa moves. They’re a great accessory for all those Latinx bosses out there. 

Available at, $58

Esme 2” Hoops, by Jennifer Zeuner

Jennifer Zeuner is another Latinx-owned brand offering cool hoops we want to buy. Her Esme 2” Hoops are a staple piece you can wear forever. You can get these chunky-yet-sleek accessories in a 14 karat gold-plated silver, sterling silver, or an 18 karat rose gold-plated silver. 

Available at, $187

XIO Ylette Hoops BeLatina Latinx
Photo: XIO by Ylette

Alanna Pearl Hoops, by XIO by Ylette

Another pair of earrings from XIO by Ylette that you’ll want to drop in your online cart are these glam Alanna Pearl Hoops. In fact, the brand calls them “the only pearl hoops you’ll ever need.” Three shell pearls add just the right amount of chicness to a timeless skinny gold hoop. 

Available at, $48

Multi Hoop Large Earring, by Amandina

Why rock just one hoop per earring when you can wear several for a cool effect? Amandina’s Multi Hoop Large earrings feature an intricate filigree gold hoop, surrounded by sleek plain hoops that combine for an artsy, geometric look. 

Available at, $475

Espuma de Mar Earrings, by TUZA Jewelry

TUZA Jewelry brings us these fun, ethereal hoop earrings in rainbow ombre. Handmade in Mexico City, they will instantly add a dose of color and something unexpected to all your neutral outfits. This is what you go for when you want a unique hoop earring. 

Available at, $65

Icee Iridescent Hoops, by Honey B. Gold

Another fun hoop earring bringing all the colors is the Icee Iridescent from Honey B. Gold. Chunky stones throwing off the prettiest pastel colors are packed onto a big 3” hoop. The hues are perfect for spring and beyond. 

Available at, $32

Iker Ortiz Hoops BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Iker Ortiz

Iker Ortiz IE-3 Earrings

When you want hoops that are more outside of the box, opt for those by Iker Ortiz. His Mexico City-made jewelry, including these cool, futuristic IE-3 earrings, is art. Your outfits are suddenly going to look even cooler. 

Available at, $30.59 (650 Mexican pesos)

Black on Black Hoops BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Trap Hoops

Another pair of earrings from Trap Hoops that you need is the Black on Black Hoops. They’re the classic, oversized skinny style, in a striking black, that live forever in your jewelry box and get worn on the regular. Whether you’re replacing an older pair of skinny hoops or just adding to your collection, these are a must-have. 

Available at, $9.99

Ryan 2” Hoops, by Jennifer Zeuner

We told you that Jennifer Zeuner has a variety of hoops you’ll want to shop. These are the Ryan 2” Hoops that are bold and chunky but still go with practically everything in your wardrobe. Available in 14k gold-plated silver and sterling silver; these are definite “look at me” earrings. 

Available at, $220

Emma Hoops, by Lucca Luc

Torn between wearing a gold hoop or a silver hoop? You don’t have to choose! Opt for a mixed-metal earring, like these Emma Hoops by Lucca Luc. In addition to two hues, you also get a mix of textures in these accessories for a cool, unique look. 

Available at, $240

Alice XL Hoops, by Daniela Salcedo

You can celebrate spring and daydream about summer in these beautiful floral Alice XL Hoops from Daniela Salcedo. A delicate gold hoop gets an upgrade with a flower charm that comes in pink, red, white, and black. It’s nature gone fashion. 

Available at, $386