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The ‘Tía Chismosa’ Will Be Speechless If She Sees This Quinceañera Dress  

Credit: www.arianavara.com

Gone are the days when quinceañeras only wore white, puffy-sleeved gowns.  Wakala. Quinceañeras are now way more stylish and dynamic. Today, any quinceañera who has her pilas bien puestas now cares more about her makeup, phone, and brains to ensure she’s shining brighter than her tiara.   

As you can imagine, times have changed, and with them, so have the quinceañeras. Today, it’s all about entering the princess era, and what better way to do that than with the perfect dress?  

These Quinceañera Dresses Will Keep Any Tía Talking For Years

Say goodbye to conservative norms and hello to bold colors, beautiful, non-traditional styles, and extravagant accessories. Ladies, let’s not forget that modern quinceañera dresses are all about making a statement, and no one does it better than Princesa by Ariana Vara.   

(And, if you play your cards right, Princesa by Ariana Vara will award you with a dress just for you this quinceañera season – read on to learn more.)  

Just take a look at their selection:   

The ‘Tía Chismosa’ Will Be Speechless If She Sees This Quinceañera Dress  
Credit: www.arianavara.com

Credit: www.arianavara.com

These dresses are works of art that make you feel like you’re ready to waltz into Buckingham Palace, followed by a pack of corgis. Yes, reina, we are talking to you.   

But what about those pesky tías chismosas, always ready to raise an eyebrow at anything remotely unconventional? Well, let’s just say they’ll be speechless when they see their nieces strutting in these masterpieces. The days of pastel-colored gowns and demure cuts ya no existen. Today’s quinceañera dresses are daring and unapologetically maj.estic.  

Let’s be honest. It takes a certain person to rock a Princesa by Ariana Vara quinceañera dress. Is that person you?  

A Quick History Lesson

Let’s rewind a bit and peek into the history of the quinceañera dress. In ancient Mesoamerican and Spanish societies, quinceañeras marked a girl’s transition from childhood to marriage readiness. Back then, young girls were taught traditional homemaking skills in preparation for marriage and motherhood. When a girl turned 15, her quinceañera celebration signified her debut into adulthood, complete with the hopes of finding a suitable husband. (The word “hope” might not truly describe the situation.)  

But as time went on, the focus shifted from finding a husband to celebrating the passage from childhood to womanhood. And with that shift came changes in how the quinceañera dress was perceived and worn. No longer just a symbol of purity and marriageability, the quinceañera dress became a statement of individuality and style.  

Now, the quinceañera dress has evolved into a fashion-forward expression of self. From loud colors to daring silhouettes, quinceañeras are breaking all the rules and rewriting the script of what it means to be a princess for a day. (However, don’t forget to carry that princess attitude around for the rest of your life – it is the best-kept secret of a Latina.) And with ball gowns like Princesa by Ariana Vara leading the charge, the future of quinceañera fashion looks brighter than ever before.  

So, to all the modern quinceañeras out there, embrace your inner princess and let them know who has arrived. Be MOTHER, be the moment, be everything – because this day is all about you.   

As for all the tia chismosas watching from the sidelines, get ready to eat your words when you see just how fabulous your nieces look this year – and every year thereafter. Don’t forget that in the world of quinceañeras, the only rule is to be unapologetically you.   

Get Your Own Princesa By Ariana Vara Quinceañera Dress

Attention all young Latinas dreaming of a beautiful quinceañera celebration! Princesa by Ariana Vara is here to make your dreams come true with the chance to win a stunning ball gown for your special day. As part of the Princesa by Ariana Vara quinceañera Contest, girls aged 13-14 residing in the US can submit essays reflecting on the significance of the quinceañera tradition.  

The submission period starts on May 30, 2024, and ends on June 30, 2024, so make sure que se pongan las pilas! After submitting your essays, a judging panel will select up to five finalists based on creativity, originality, and emotional impact. These finalists will then create a video explaining why they deserve to win.  

Picture yourself as the Grand Prize Winner, jetting off to New York City for a 4-day, 3-night trip with a visit to the Princesa by Ariana Vara headquarters and showroom. Not only will you receive a gorgeous Princesa by Ariana Vara ball gown, but you’ll also enjoy a quinceañera allowance of $1,000 for your celebration. 

Visit the Princesa by Ariana Vara website at https://www.arianavara.com/quinceanera-contest, to enter the contest and to learn more about it. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your quinceañera dreams a reality.  

Let Princesa by Ariana Vara help you shine on your special day!  

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