Here’s the Three Kings Jewelry Buying Guide We Didn’t Know We Needed

Photo courtesy of, Belatina, Latinx
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As 2020 unfolded, it was evident that we all rejoiced whenever we celebrated our holidays, special occasions, or were able to carry out a simple routine with succession — even if it was done virtually. This was a feat in itself especially after enduring a near-apocalyptic year. Talking about traditions, we have one among us, which is why we come bearing gifts (well, sort of.)

We might not have gold, frankincense, or myrrh to give on this day, but we do have a magical gift guide filled with prendas for everyone. Best of all, it’s easier (and less exhausting) to follow than a star. 

So, let’s scroll away into the beauty these small businesses have to offer and prepare ourselves to make some orders for our loved ones. 

Belatina, Latinx

Seville Michelle

Born and raised in New York City (by a Cuban mother and a Greek father), Seville Michelle is a self-taught jewelry designer who brings her unique background to life in her work by re-imagining the accessories of her youth.

Buying Seville’s products is also contributing to her promising initiative, Seville for the People. By wearing these gorgeous jewelry, we are supporting a group of Girl Scouts Troop in South Central, Los Angeles, California.

Belatina, latinx


Inspired by the colorful gift shops of the Southwestern roads, Artelexia specializes in Mexican gifts, art, home décor, and gourmet foods. Among all of their vibrant products, we can find beautiful jewelry influenced by Mexican and Latin American culture as well as social issues.

Belatina, latinx

Chulas AZ

Chulas is a culturally focused, curated retail shop that brings handmade artesanías by POC, collectives, women, and artists from Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Each prenda in their store is one of a kind! 

Viva Boutique

This lovely Tucson-based boutique is now available for shipping across the country. Supporting Viva Latina also means owning fabulous and unique Mexican jewelry.

Belatina, latinx

México en la Piel 

This store started as a handbag boutique and has now expanded to much more. From earrings and necklaces to backpacks and headpieces, México en la Piel puts their own stamp on everything they produce. Their earrings made with silky tassels and dyed palm are to die for!

Belatina, latinx


Aleisha designs and creates all pieces by hand from her home studio based in Puerto Rico. Her bold minimalist approach, experience with mixing metals, and love for working with stones are the foundation of her stunning jewelry pieces. 

Belatina, latinx

semimindful art

Alexis Fowler considers semimindful art as more than just a store. This is “[their] portfolio, [their] public journal, and a record of [their] progress as [they] continue to create and grow.” By supporting their amazing creations, we are also investing in their future as an artist.

Belatina, latinx

Earthy by Ari

Earthy by Ari is a Black/Afro-Latina-owned business that was born out of Ari’s love for “statement earrings.” As someone who had to wear a uniform both at work and in school, she felt like earrings were her way of expressing herself. Her pieces tell a story that goes beyond a beautiful prenda. Plus, she offers worldwide shipping.

Belatina, latinx


This Afro-Latina is bringing us the most interesting shapes and vibrant colors at affordable prices. Jules started by experimenting with clay to make her own earrings. Within a week of buying all of the supplies necessary, she opened her own business. ClayJewelsByJules is a new yet incredible small business to shop from.

Belatina, latinx

Leslie’s Studio

Based in New York and offering to ship across the country, this online shop is making sculptural jewelry for the modern woman. Leslie’s Studio is the perfect place for a last-minute reyes present.

Belatina, latinx


Max’s MXchains jewelry line made from bike chains is not only innovative and cool but also eco-friendly. This is the recycled and sustainable type of jewelry that we all needed.