Three of the Best Distinguished Artesanias Made in Latin America

Artesanias BeLatina Latinx
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Latin America is rich in all aspects — from the natural wonders like the pyramids and cenotes to the rich food found in every corner, to the distinguished artesanias (handcrafts) that are symbols of tradition passed on through generations.

Everything is intentional and an ode to ancestors making the sightings, foods, and art we consume to this day of tremendous value and more than meets the eye.

As a way to celebrate this, here are three of our favorite artesanias, highlighted from their location, respectively. 

The colorful Mayan artesanias in Yucatan, Mexico BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Vida en Yucatán.

The colorful Mayan crafts in Yucatan, Mexico

I am highlighting this one first because I’m writing over a beautiful colored Yucatan throw that we use as a tablecloth under a protective plastic to protect the carefully knitted work.

Its radiant colors are the primal yellow, green, and blue, which purely brighten up our days. According to the Vida En Yucatan tourism website, the hammock is one of the other traditional crafts. “The value of the hammock in the daily life of Yucatecans is not only fundamental for recreation, but it also represents more than four centuries of generations swinging sleep between woven threads.” Gorgeous threads! 

Huichol crafts in North of Jalisco, Mexico BeLatina Latinx
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Huichol artesanias in North of Jalisco, Mexico

In this particular Huichol handcraft, the colorful beading is the beauty and what highlights this type of good. According to Huichol and Crafts, “these works of art Huichol are made with beads or thread (yarn). Each piece carries symbolic motifs, stories, culture, and legends of their cosmogony that provide an overview of the Huichol society.” With each bead is ingrained a significance that is related to their beliefs and mysticism. According to the same source: “the artwork of the Huichol tribe is known around the globe for its vibrant color and intricate detail. What is not as widely known are the cultural traditions that weave together the ancient symbology of the art with the visionary experiences of each artisan.”

Shipibo-Konibo artesanias in Peru BELatina
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Shipibo-Konibo crafts in Peru

Lastly, what makes the Shipibo-Konibo crafts unique comes down to the designs on the ceramic and textiles. According to Peru North: “The designs often involve maze-like red and black geometric patterns and are closely connected to their complex cosmology, in which ayahuasca plays an important part.” For those new to this particularly honored vine, ayahuasca is a psychoactive brew taken as a tea, commonly used in their rituals and celebrated by the indigenous regions in South America. It’s a spiritual use that is known to change your life and open your mind. Whoa.