‘Three Week Lover,’ a Poem by Sawhney

Three Week Lover Poem BeLatina Latinx
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Three Week Lover


I’m a lover.

I want to share my lightning with you.

Will you take my touch and will you take my hand?

I am here

To share what I need, and create more of something fulfilling.

I’m a lover.

Things were not always like this. It was a revolving door

Shaped by a desire to share what I did not know.

I think I have

Hope to give and plenty of room to grow.

Do you want to see what it’s like

to go on this roundabout journey? 

Let us begin:

Week one is happy, and we feel the tingling sensation that is born from excitement

Week two is steady, but the mind begins to take over

Week three is the beginning of the end of the short term energy exchange.

We will meet again, perhaps. Perhaps we will never share another day.

I think there is

More than just a touch to fuel

The excitement between us

And there is a fulfillment needed

To keep this


Where will I go along this path?

I suppose the heart has a plan

And surely one day the mind will know