Meet Jesus Morales, the Tik Toker Helping Street Vendors in San Diego

Jesus Morales Tik Toker San Diego BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Jesus Morales

TikTok has undoubtedly evolved into an important platform in our digital age. The videos cater to any of your interests: from quick-cooking tips and cleaning tips to DIY ideas and, of course, entertaining dancing videos. We have seen viral videos that come from this platform which potentially lead to opening endorsing doors for content creators (hello Nathan Apodaca, also known as “Doggface”)! 

Among all the temporary and entertaining viral content also come videos full of everlasting gratitude and compassion. 

These videos become life-changing opportunities that Tik Tokers make from their following, as is the case of 24-year-old Mexican Jesus Morales “Juixxe” originally from Aurora, Illinois, who is going above and beyond to help his people.

Jesus Morales helps street vendors and the homeless all over San Diego, California (where he now resides) and Los Angeles by using his platform as a donating center.

Morales’ generosity began with the pandemic: “I came across a few users who were using their platform to help others. At the time, I was actually living in Los Angeles, and obviously, there are many vendors throughout the whole L.A. community. There was one particular street vendor that would come down my street, and I remember one day I was just like, ‘you know what? I want to give this man a hundred dollars,’ and that was my first donation — that one actually came out personally from my pocket.”


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After he consensually posted that video, he realized the potential support that could derive from his followers, and it absolutely came to life. From then to this day, Morales and his followers have collectively donated 90 thousand dollars directly to street vendors throughout Southern California. 

All this flourished from having extra time after being furloughed during the start of the global pandemic crisis of March 2020. Jesus Morales was able to convert what could’ve been a downfall to something joyful via TikTok. He explained that he had a great amount of following to start the generous donations because he would post comedic videos that became viral, gaining an estimated 200 thousand followers within the first few months.

“After a few months, I felt like it wasn’t fulfilling me – that I could do something more with my account. When I came across those [donating driven] accounts, I remember telling myself, ‘wow, that is amazing! I want to do that! So yeah, I kind of took a leap of faith and did a complete 180 with my content,” Morales tells BELatina News. Although at first, he was hesitant, now he is continuously accepting donations and delivering requests from his followers across the nation, from pizza deliveries to one thousand dollar tips to street vendors. What a great leap of faith this young Latino took!

Now, Morales is hoping to expand his reach by creating a meet and greet with his massive following in a gathering featuring potential vendors where participants could directly support them. 

“These vendors, they’re not on a payroll, they don’t have benefits or minimum wage. It could be a hit or miss on any single day of the week. They could make five dollars or a hundred dollars — there’s really no telling. It’s kind of something I have in my head that I want to try out,” Morales expresses to us about his idea.

Other than that, Morales recently launched merchandise where he will also be donating a part of the proceeds to local street vendors. Check out his merchandise for Juixxe, and remember to support your community!