Are Too Many Options Making Us Become the Loveless Generation?

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The online dating industry makes billions; the rate of singles looking for options and using apps to connect is one in three. Although age groups and sexual preference of the users are a variant factor, the statistics reaffirm that people desire to find their ideal match. 

Plenty of men and women are looking for a special connection. The singles scene is a vast market of people in search of love. So, what happens when you land in the winner’s circle? Do you stand still or reserve a space in case the next best thing comes along?

From afar, it would seem the dating scene has endless possibilities. We meet potential matches in bars, through friends of friends, at work or social gatherings, and everywhere you go! There is a chance that you meet your soulmate, anywhere. However, the newest generation looking for love has the added pressures of a world of alternatives online. 

Dating is similar to an experiment. We look to narrow down options placed in our path until we find all the things we desire in one individual. Expectations are even higher when we throw in the qualities on a checklist. 

It becomes increasingly difficult, picking a partner to fall head over heels for these days. Sifting through hundreds of profiles can make the process more complicated — oftentimes exhausting. 

Overwhelmed by the idea of so many fish in the sea, it’s difficult for some to choose one partner. Is it possible, the more options we have, the harder it is to make up our minds? Can countless choices cause a level of indecision that hinders from settling down? It is reasonable to consider that having too many options leads to forsaking all others?

Most people enjoy being presented with a big selection when choosing anything from shoes to partners. Maybe, the more choices there are, the better chances of coming face-to-face with something unique. However, that is not the case for everyone, as some get flustered. 

The task of making a decision when presented with an array of options can also be overwhelming. It stops the most indecisive in their tracks, debilitating the will to stick to one answer. 

A toggling between having something good and great is a struggle that paralyzes, avoiding any decision at all. If you are in a dating pool the size of New York City, for example, it may be challenging to make a call that reflects a single option. Over time, fatigue, fear, insecurity may kick in, forcing a lag in the need to choose. 

There is skepticism from my end to support a loveless generation. Human beings are built for connection. Deep down, we want someone to witness our journey. This means being there for your special person during the beautiful, as well as, ugly moments life brings. It is having him or her stay present for your wins or when things go sideways, too. 

People are unlikely to give up the idea of love. However, in an ocean of choices, the goal has to be to seek with intention. Understanding the meaning of love and deciphering the shape it takes in your life makes the difference in the selection process.