Top 10 Indie Latinx Songs to Listen to Before 2020 Ends

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There are far too many things-you-need-to-do-before-the-end-of-the-year lists going around. Truthfully, we’re all too tired for most of them. It’s been a draining year, and we don’t need to be productive until the very last second of 2020. 

For these last few days, we deserve to just chill. So, here’s a list that will allow us to sit back, enjoy, and simply wait for January 1st. 

It’s the top Latinx indie songs of the year! Whether they are featuring an independent artist, coming from an independent record label, or experimenting with an indie genre, these jams are going to carry us all the way into 2021.

KLK” by Arca (ft. Rosalía)

Arca (aka Alejandra Ghersi) is a trans, Venezuelan woman whose songs range from pop to electronic, experimental to industrial hip hop. 

For “KLK,” Arca decided to include the vocals of her friend Rosalía, which were sent to her through a Whatsapp voice note. 

The experimental electronic song was written by both artists in Barcelona and was inspired by the sound of el farruco and traditional Venezuelan music.

¿Qué pasó?” by Mabiland

Mabiland is a queer, Afro-Colombian singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and rapper. 

“¿Qué pasó?” is her most recent song, where she mixes hip hop and rap with some fresh, new sounds. 

Mabiland is giving us all the hype for the best ride to the club on a Saturday night. Although as a safe alternative in the face of COVID-19, “¿Qué pasó?” is the perfect song for vibing out in front of the mirror while getting ready for a Zoom party.

Aguacero” by Irepelusa

Irepelusa is a Venezuelan singer who left the pop-rock band Pólyman to start her own R&B project. 

She is well known for her song “Pan con Miel,” and her interpretation of Female Energy by Willow Smith called “Carledos.” Now her 2020 gift to us has been “Aguacero.”

“Aguacero” is the antidote for the stress and anxiety that this year has brought to us. This is a meditation session in the form of a song and the ideal background for a warm, relaxing bath.

Chañan Cori Coca” by Renata Flores

Renata Flores is a Quechuan singer, songwriter, and activist. As an Indigenous woman living in the Peruvian Andes, she is determined to honor her culture in everything she does.

Chañan Cori Coca” is precisely that a tribute to Quechuan history. The song is inspired by Flores’ female ancestors, specifically by Chañan Cori Coca, an Inca woman who helped Pachakutek fight and defend Cusco.

Her trap, rap, and reggaeton beats come together to create an indie fusion that goes beyond any possible genre. “Chañan Cori Coca” takes all of this to another level with its rhythms and visuals.

Mi Amigo Luis” by Rawayana

Rawayana is a Venezuelan band whose members include Alberto Beto Montenegro, Antonio Tony Casas, Andrés Fofo Story y Alejandro Abeja Abeijón.

Their music has been on every reggae fan’s radar for a while now, and even though that’s been the core essence of their journey, they have explored other musical genres along the way. 

“Mi Amigo Luis” is a testament to that. The “Trippy Caribbean” is still there, but they have transformed it into a kind of Caribbean Jazz. This neo-soul indie track is letting us chill out and forget about everything else in the world. 

Nada” by Lido Pimienta (feat. Li Saumet)

Lido Pimienta is an Indigenous/Afro-Colombian/Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter. 

Pimienta prioritizes traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms, her relationship to her native land, and her identity as a Black, Colombian woman across the tracks of “Miss Colombia.”

“Nada” is no exception. The song builds on the intersection of electronica and cumbia established by her first two albums, “Color,” released in 2010, and the 2016 Polaris Prize-winning “La Papessa.”

Electrico” by Jarina de Marco (ft. Diego Raposo)

Jarina de Marco is a Dominican-Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter, musical activist, and visual artist.

De Marco’s discography is full of high-energy electronic rhythms like “STFU” and strong, political messages like “Release the Hounds.” Music has been her medium to educate her audience while making us hit the dance floor.

For “Electrico,” de Marco invited multi-instrumentalist Diego Raposo to create an audiovisual piece that celebrates intimacy, sensuality, and body positivity. We can all use this slow, sexy song for a fun time.

Danza Hardcore” by Apache

Apache is an Afro-Venezuelan rapper and songwriter who entered the industry as a member of the hip hop group Cuarto Poder and then shined as a solo artist.

He started his solo projects in 2008 and has since experimented with different genres. Whether it is underground rap or reggae, his songs always focus on creating awareness of the Venezuelan reality. 

“Danza Hardcore” is another of Apache’s conscious hip-hop songs, broadening his music’s content. In this piece, he discusses the injustices and negative effects of this year’s events for many people worldwide.

Lolita” by Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid is a queer, Dominican/Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and self-taught musician from Little Ferry, New Jersey.

Throughout her career, she has been a vocal advocate for immigration reform and immigrant rights. With the documentary “Llegaron las Flores,” Lucid captured the pain and suffering of family separation through her own experiences. She also performed at the “Selena For Sanctuary” concert, a grassroots fundraiser for immigrant advocacy groups.

Her alternative R&B style and Spanglish lyrics are not only beautiful but also soothing. “Lolita” is her most recent release, which is 4 minutes and 15 seconds of pure serenity.

Tiempo Perdido” by Lorainne

Lorraine is a 19-year-old Afro-Dominican singer who was first discovered after her debut on the show “Dominican’s Got Talent.”

In her audition, she confessed that her family and mother have been her inspiration and motivation to sing. And she later shared on the show that she listens to “jazz, ballads, boleros, and trending genres.”

Although she has only begun her career, Lorraine has a large following and has just released a single called “Tiempo Perdido” a sad, romantic track that will get us in our feels.