10 Trans Latinas You Should Know, Love, and Support

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Transgender women face a disproportionate rate of violence and murder. This year alone, there has been 10 documented cases of Black trans women being killed in the United States. This does not include trans women that have been misgendered in the media or by family or the number of trans Latinas killed in Central and South America. 

It is the responsibility of cisgender people (people who are not trans) to speak up and combat the hate and violence trans women experience. Many times people only hear about trans women when they have been murdered. However, transgender women are more than one-off stories about death. For this reason and with Pride in mind, we’ve compiled a list of trans Latinas you should know, respect, and support. 

10Indiya Moore 

Indya Moor Elle Cover Trans Belatina
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Afro-Creole Latinx Indya Moore is a Bronx born activist, actor, and model. They are very clear about the intersectional ways in which policy, culture, and personal identity connect and how all of these sectors need to be active and persistent in the liberation of Black and Brown people of the trans experience. You can lean more about Indya by following them on Instagram and reading this