Latinx Transgender Leaders That We Should Celebrate This Week

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Photo courtesy of the activists.

Transgender Awareness Week serves as a reminder to acknowledge, celebrate, and honor the lives and contributions of transgender people. The Transgender Law Center codeveloped and wrote the Trans Agenda for Liberation, which outlines how work is presently being done to improve the lives of trans people and the work that needs to be done.
Below are some amazing transgender people in the Latinx community we can celebrate this week and always.

Gabriel Josue was crowned Androgynous Model 2019 in their native Puerto Rico. They have a YouTube channel and share their gorgeous artwork on their Instagram. Gabriel supported the protests in Puerto Rico throughout the year as well.

Lady Dane is a multi-talented African Cuban Indigenous TransWoman who writes books and poems, performs, and advocates for the acknowledgment, love, and respect of Black trans women across all of her work. Lady Dane starred in the award-winning show King Ester and is one of Creative Capital’s 2020 Award winners! 

Joanne Cifredo is the mastermind behind Camp Albizu. Cifredo is a Puerto Rican comedian and activist who is always standing up for the right of Puerto Rico and its inhabitants. Cifredo was present in many of the protests that have taken place across the island this year. 

Indya Moore is one of the breakout stars from the highly watched and celebrated FX show, Pose. The Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican star uses their platform and experiences to elevate the beauty, ability, and realities of transgender and non-binary people. Often sharing community-created resources, fundraisers, and their own points of view in video, Moore helps drive conversations and action. 

Marisol Leyva and her sister, Orange is the New Black star, Selenis Leyva, co-authored the book, My Sister – How One Sibling’s Transition Changed Us Both. The Dominican sisters have penned a book that will help all families, especially families of color, understand, celebrate, and grow together through family changes. Leyva also wrote a powerful piece in Vogue Mexico about the importance of remembering and including transgender Afro Latino people in trans rights and advocacy. 

Victoria Volkova made history by being the first transgender person on Playboy Mexico’s cover! In addition to being a model, Volkova is a Mexican beauty and lifestyle influencer. Her Tedx talk will inspire you to continue on your path and not lose your sense of self when trying to achieve your goals. 

MJ Rodriguez is a singer, model, and actress who plays Blanca on FX’s show, Pose. Rodriguez does such a great job playing the loving, gentle, and motivating mother that everyone, especially young trans, and gender non-conforming people, deserve. The Puerto Rican talent was almost a Schyler Sister in the Tony Award-winning Broadway show, Hamilton.

 Ruby Corado founded the first and only LGBTQ bilingual and multicultural organization, Casa Ruby, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that provides social services and programs. Ruby left El Salvador when she was 16 years old fleeing war. Today she is changing lives and inspiring many around the globe. 

Linda Dominguez – was walking home from work in The Bronx when two police officers stopped, harassed, and traumatized her for having two identification cards. Knowing that she was mistreated, she decided to sue the New York Police Department and won! Dominguez hopes that her experience is not repeated for other trans women, ever. 

Cecilia Gentili is the founder of Transgender Equity Consulting, a firm that provides training, facilitation, and development for organizations and companies seeking to improve their workplace environments for transgender people. Originally from Argentina, Gentili has been working in health services for many years and follows her desire to improve community outcomes. 

We celebrate each and every transgender person and hope these activists will help you continue to learn and unlearn more to show up for and with transgender people around the world.