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Why Traveling to Malaysia Should Be in Everyone’s Bucket List

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From mega-diverse jungles packed with a high number of endemic species to colonial towns and breathtaking tropical beaches, Malaysia has it all. This culturally rich country in Southeast Asia has a thriving culinary scene, an affordable cost of living and modern cities with every home comfort you need. 

The visa policy of Malaysia isn’t strict at all; In fact, almost all passport holders can get between 14 and 90-day free entry. If you are from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela or other approved jurisdictions you can enter Malaysia without a visa. 

Home of special, respectful, friendly, and humble people, plus jaw-dropping nature wonders, Malaysia is definitely a nation that should be part of everyone’s bucket list and here’s why. 

6 Malaysia Is a Budget-Friendly Destination 

Believe it or not, $1000 U.S. dollars in Malaysia go a long way, and if you are a savvy traveler, you can survive up to a month. Guesthouses and budget-friendly accommodation often cost less than $25 per night, while adventures and trips can usually cost you $50 dollars. Meals are usually only a few dollars. Public transportation is affordable and domestic flights have a similar price tag to a long-distance bus in Malaysia, making any travel quick and convenient. 

5 Slow Travel in Malaysia Offers a Culturally Rich Immersion 

Fast travel in Malaysia is a missed opportunity. Slow down and take the chance to sit down and be present, smell and taste the different foods, engage conversations with English-speakers Malaysians and find a fresh perspective on the meaning of multiculturalism. 

4 Malaysians Respects, Supports and Celebrates Everyone’s Beliefs Daily 

The nation has a mixed population of Malay, Chinese, and Indians adding diversity to the country. Approximately 60% of its citizens are Muslim while the rest practices Buddhism and Hinduism. Each religion in Malaysia is respected, supported, and celebrated equally regardless of their background. 

3 Muslims Observes Ramadan With Acts of Kindness 

During Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, the community and visitors set aside assumptions and preconceived perceptions to observe the tradition by practicing kindness and support. As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims spend the month of Ramadan fasting during daylight hours, from dawn until sunset time. 

If you are traveling during this commemoration, tourist attractions stay open and restaurants and hotels engage visitors to live the experience by trying the local cuisine at Ramadan buffets right after the sunset.

2 Festivals, Holidays, and Bazaars Can be Enjoyed All Year 

Mooncake Festival & Hungry Ghost Festival

Malaysia has year-round amazing bazaars, street food, and local markets, during the fasting month, tourists and locals can enjoy special Ramadan Bazaars with mouthwatering Malay food, delicacies and more. Festivals and holidays take place every few weeks from Eid (the end of Ramadan) to Chinese New Year and indigenous events in Borneo. During the Chinese New Year, it is possible to enjoy the traditional lion dance around shopping malls, small businesses and at public events, according to the tradition the ritual brings good luck and fortune. In late May, people can join in the festivities at the indigenous Harvest Festival.

1 In One Day You Can Experience Cosmopolitan Lifestyle as well as Colonial Traditions

Lost World of Maliau Basin

From sipping duty-free cocktails in Langkawi to eating fresh strawberries in Cameron Highlands to hiking in Borneo’s “Lost World of Maliau Basin,” it is possible to experience the diversity while staying in your budget. In less than 12 hours, you can jump from buzzing cities to jungle trekking to relaxing in the cooler mountaintops. Flying from the trendy Kuala Lumpur to colonial Penang takes less than an hour; from there, travel to Borneo may take you less than three hours. If you are lucky, you can snap a flight back to your hotel and be there for dinner.

Always keep in mind while traveling to Malaysia to find the places that resonate with you, to fully immerse yourself with the lifestyle, culture, and traditions and to share your experience with us.

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