How To Turn On Your Inner GPS

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Imagine you are on a trip, and the only thing you carry with you is a small suitcase. You don’t have a cellphone, a laptop, nor anything that can distract you — only this book as your company. 

You yearn to explore that city or small town that you so much have dreamed of doing. To get there, you rented a car of the year. You take your course. On the way, you turn on the GPS to insert your destiny, and at that moment, you notice that it doesn’t work, that it doesn’t give you the address you wanted to go to. Which would be the first feeling that you would have? How would you react? How would you feel? What actions would you take? How would you activate your plan b or c? 

Write all of these questions on a piece of paper, and answer them calmly. 

The purpose of this exercise is that you realize the importance of turning on your inner GPS, knowing clearly what you want, your strengths, your dreams, your priorities; remembering that you have great potential and that it is time to stretch and specify with small steps each of your purposes.  

I grew up listening to my dad say, “life is a highway.” When I passed from elementary school to middle school, he told me, “now that you grew up, and you became a more responsible person — I was 11-years-old — you should know that there are people who will go in front or behind you.” So, I understood that I shouldn’t run nor compete but go at my own pace. This is a great philosophy, inheritance from my dad, that I embrace in my daily life. So, I’ll share it with you here: You need to stop running, find your own pace, and MOVE ON. 

Because despite the circumstances that we could face, I understand that all of us will arrive at the same destiny: closure of a cycle.  

There will be people that will move at a much faster pace than you and who are not even enjoying the road. There will be those who will get a flat tire; the one who gets out of the way; the one who stops to observe the dawn; the one who turns around, and the one who loses their life. 

There will always be people who will achieve their dream much faster, the one who will fail, the one who will win the lottery or the one who will be taken away from the road. 

What matters is that you know that you are responsible for the steering wheel, controlling your life, and deciding the direction. 

It makes no sense rushing all the time. It is more valuable having a good attitude to sort of the rocks of the way and understanding that everyone has their own pace. It doesn’t matter who arrives first because it’s not a race. The destiny you choose is where you need to focus your attention, and the speed needs to be based on what works for you, in what you intend to achieve. So, yes, life goes on, and taking action is fundamental, but take the decisions based on yourself, not on what others may think. 

It’s not about competition. Even though there’s a common destiny for everyone, the goal is different for each one. 

How do you want to transcend? 

If you want to arrive at a place at a specific moment, take precautions so you can do it calmly. It’s not about choosing fastly or slowly. It is more a matter of selecting the time that best suits you and the objectives that you will draw on your way. This highway is actually a beginning-to-end process. 

First, activate yourself

Write down everything you have stopped doing because of what others may think, say, or express their opinions on. Then, when you have your entire list, say out loud: “From today, I (say your name) am who decides, chooses, and takes action over my dreams. From today I won’t give power to anyone because the power is inside of me.”

When I came back to Tijuana, after working with Copperfield and understanding that I couldn’t dedicate myself to something that didn’t make me happy, I turned on my inner GPS. Ever since I worked in The Tourism and Conventions Committee, I became active again. I started strengthening my personal brand as Toni Torres, a public relations publicist. I moved like a fish in water, solving, not sleeping, and trying to give my 150% every day, I make things happen. I activated a winner’s mindset. 

For example, after the Feria de las Californias started operating, they notified me that a very important businessman would attend Juan Gabriel’s show with 20 friends. Unfortunately, there were no seats available, so I had to activate (set in motion, react quickly) and do the impossible so that the businessman could give them to me. 

The day arrived, and I was checking the guests. Then, out of nowhere, one of them told me, «Hey! you! Where are you going to sit me? ». «Upstairs,» I replied. «Oh, well then, let’s go,» he replied, and then everyone started going upstairs. I clarified to him that I was waiting for the businessman, to which he assured me: «It’s me.» At that moment, I understood that things work out at the right moment so that you can meet the right people, and from that moment on I established a friendship with this character in the television industry. 

With this, I want to say that it didn’t matter if I knew or didn’t know this person. If I was asked to do something, anything, I had to figure out how to fix it — whether it was asking a favor, speaking to the managers, or whoever was necessary. I didn’t take a NO for an answer. This job was a trampoline that pushed me to my dreams. It was there where I met Luis Miguel, and everything began because I turned on my inner GPS, and it marked the direction it should point at. 

The inner GPS is the light that guides us to take action and our destiny’s reins. Turning it on implies going inside, discovering our human beings’ potential. This will help us move forward in life and not be on pause. 

Turning it on is finding that motivation to leave behind that static state and finding what you want; so that you don’t move by inertia but by interest. By turning it on, you must point to the objective, not half of the way or nearby, because until there you will stay, it’s essential to be precise, knowing the direction, and moving to that point. YOU are the only one that can decide for yourself, with all security, your destiny. 

It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, and you have to change your course. If you want to score a goal in football, you must kick the ball and try as many times as necessary until you make it. You don’t get discouraged because the first kick diverted the ball to the right or the left. The same happens with your dreams. 

Your inner GPS functions with your energy, with your desire to move forward — with your force of will. Shake off the zombie state, avoid complaining that you don’t have what you want if you are not willing to do what it takes to change your life. 

How can you turn on your inner GPS?

We all have that little inner voice that whispers to us that we should put our attention to in order to achieve our objectives and crystallize our dreams. But, unfortunately, not everyone tends to listen to that voice that speaks to us about our talents and capacities. Some people have gifts, but they don’t know them yet because they still haven’t had the chance to develop them since they haven’t dared to turn on their inner GPS. 

Who are YOU? 

You are unique, and you can achieve what you set your mind to! 

If you are emotionally and economically pressured if you are in a job or in a college major that definitely is not working for you, get up, and search.  Put in the direction of something that you are passionate about, and search. 

When you have that inner GPS inside you, magic will happen, options will start to appear. You create the magic; the magic is inside of you.

When something truly motivates you, you even do the impossible, break schemes (the tradition, the stereotype, the ordinary), change your habits, and make decisions.

Ask yourself: Are you where you want to be? Where do you want to go? What are you passionate about? What stops you from crystallizing your dream?  What are you willing to do to materialize it? What are you doing today to get there? 

Turning on your inner GPS is a key step in finding the meaning of your life, in walking the way to your realization. So don’t stay still waiting for something that is not going to come, because it doesn’t work that way, you have to find them yourself. Accept your reality, and with it, start drawing a life plan. Get out of your comfort zone, and go look out for that thing that makes you happy. If it worked for me, and I’m sure it will work for you too. I’m sure of it.