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These Tweets Give Us a Glimpse of How the Latine Community Is Feeling So Far in 2022

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How is everyone feeling in 2022? Are we staying hydrated, eating clean, and exercising both the body and mind? Are we crossing off our to-do lists and making sure we get enough sunlight each day? Well, I am — kind of. 

But if you’re not staying on track with everything — don’t worry. It happens. We make New Year’s resolutions that don’t last a week, but the best thing about this is that timelines don’t matter. You can start over, whenever, however, and as many times as you like. Nobody is judging here, bestie! 

However, we do know we need to keep checking on our community, not just at the beginning of the year. 

Here at BELatina News, we like to stay empowered! We encourage everyone to stay positive and determined. This year has already started off with the right foot — from anticipated festivals to the “Encanto” takeover to witnessing Mexican Donovan Carrillo’s unexpected triumph in figure skating; we are thriving in representation — yet, we will keep on fighting! Because we deserve it all, que no?

Here are ten tweets that give a glimpse of how the Latine community is feeling about 2022 and what we have gone through so far. From our accomplishments and expectations to hyping ourselves up as we start another year. 

We are musically blessed with not only one but two Bad Bunny tours in 2022. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing for my bank account, but for now, we are embracing El Conejo Malo’s hype and ready to perrear our nights away. The first “El Último Tour Del Mundo” tour has already started — and based on the setlist alone, it’s a tour to remember. The second tour, called “World’s Hottest Tour,” will begin in August, later this year. We’ve been waiting patiently since the beginning of the pandemic to listen to “Safaera” live, so you know we will be there!

We are also thrilled about this all-classics lineup that was released mid-February. How can we not feel represented with all of our diverse musical tastes in one massive event? I already see myself dancing to Fey and then en el slam with Panteon Rococo. Don’t even get me started with Caifanes. It’s an impressive lineup, to say the least! 

It was a moment of Mexican pride once we saw Donovan Carrillo excel in the Olympics figure skating. He actually made history being the first-ever Mexican participating in the Olympics free skate. Even if he didn’t win, he has set the path for emerging skaters, for sure. That in itself is major news! Latine pride! 

Have y’all stayed on track with all of the “Encanto” buzz? First of all, the Afro-Latine and Latine representation is wonderful. Second of all, it has surpassed a variety of milestones! Not only was the movie nominated for a Golden Globe, but it was also recently nominated for two Oscars. The soundtrack has broken records and brought us the sweetest videos of representation. Since it came out, it’s been a phenomenal movie and is still making headlines. Let’s see if Lin-Manuel Miranda will achieve the EGOT! With two Emmys, three Grammys, and three Tony awards already, he’s one award away from the achievement of a lifetime. Regardless of the outcome, we are so proud of this Puerto Rican-American gem putting our people of color on the map.

Not everything has been easy, though — we are in 2022, yet still dealing with men who STILL say you can’t be both feminist and enjoy reggaeton. Come on, get over it! We aren’t here for your attention or to conform to your standards.

We are also still quoting our favorite Rebelde phrases, of course. It is tough being us, but we are living and making the best out of every situation. The iconic Mia Colucci phrase will always serve its purpose, whether it’s actual difficult moments like working on our FAFSA documents or, you know, choosing a cute outfit.

Latines in 2022 are all about confidence. We stand our ground with confidence! We are getting through 2022 with a go-getter and unapologetic mood. With that being said, we are obviously our #1 fans! Si no, quien


Us Latines will always keep our heads up in any circumstance. At the end of the day, what is ours will always be ours. Nobody will take that away from us. That’s the beauty of our culture: we are both hopeful and confident that everything we do or have done serves its purpose. This translates to: “What is for you will never be taken away from you.” Y’all know we don’t bring anyone down; we are here to build ourselves up. There’s room for everyone!

Our humor is not to be missed this 2022. Whatever happens, we will always laugh out loud and make fun of ourselves. That’s what makes us Latines, ourselves. We can never take ourselves too seriously.


Let’s make the rest of the year poppin’, y’all! We got this! What are you planning on doing this year? Are you planning a trip? A getaway? We have all of 2022 to make our dreams a reality — and this doesn’t only mean work-wise, this also includes our goals. This year, we are selfishly incorporating self-care in our weekly agendas and finding time to rejuvenate our souls throughout the entire year. Not just on holidays! Let’s not deal with burnout anymore. That’s in the past.

If you’re experiencing a lack of motivation, that is also normal, and it’s okay! We are here to help. We are here to motivate you and fill you with resources at your fingertips. This is only the beginning. Whether it’s decluttering your environment, rejuvenating your energy, or preparing to attend informative summits and conferences — you can do it all. It is only up to you to get things started. Animo!

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