UPS and J Balvin Join Forces to Support Latino Businesses

J Balvin UPS BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Knowing the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Latino-owned businesses, UPS and J Balvin have joined forces for an initiative to re-energize community support for local businesses.

The ‘Juntos Imparables’ campaign includes a musical challenge on TikTok, a song composed by Balvin, and a limited edition box designed by Mexican graphic designer and illustrator Luis Pinto.

“The Latino community are beautiful, diverse, and hardworking people,” Balvin said in a statement. “So many small businesses were devastated last year, and I wanted to play a role in helping support the enterprising people affected by the pandemic.”

Following the statement, Balvin released a campaign video with lyrics highlighting the financial impact on the Hispanic community and the urgency of supporting local businesses.

The song was also transformed into a TikTok challenge where users are invited to use the song and the hashtag #JuntosImparables while sharing their favorite Latino-owned businesses.

As AdWeek explained, UPS will select submissions based on location and business types and then create music videos to share on its social channels over the course of 90 days. The action is designed to create an accessible hub of Latino businesses, which followers can use as a tool to better target their support.

For UPS CMO Kevin Warren, “Juntos Imparables” is part of an ongoing effort to revitalize the company’s image, despite having “terrific brand awareness” and a reputation of reliability.

“People really trust UPS,” he told Adweek. “But when you ask about our other attributes — whether we’re agile, nimble, digital, entrepreneurial, or cool — we didn’t score as high. We also scored a lot higher with older and white customers, but not as well with diverse and younger demographics.”

As part of the campaign, UPS will also release a limited-edition box with messages in Spanish and English and artwork by Mexican graphic designer and illustrator Luis Pinto, Rolling Stone explained.

There will be 650,000 medium-sized express boxes and special envelopes available at select UPS stores. The artwork will also be displayed as a mural on the side of Chicago’s La Josie restaurant in July. According to press materials, UPS will donate $150,000 to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, an organization dedicated to the economic growth and development of nearly five million Hispanic-owned businesses.