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Latina Spiritualist Vanessa Codorniu, Founder of The Soul of Business Summit, Speaks on ‘The Power of Ancestral Healing’

Latina Spiritualist Vanessa Codorniu, Founder of The Soul of Business Summit, Speaks on ‘The Power of Ancestral Healing’ belatina latine

Vanessa Codorniu is a beloved contributor at BELatina. She spearheads the Astrology column. She’s also being featured as one of the well-known spiritualists and astrologists in the Latine community. Codorniu is often involved in different projects as she wants to ensure everyone has access to her unique messaging. In fact, she’s recently embarked on leading a new event, “Soul of Business Summit.” This three-day bilingual virtual summit (with a bonus kick-off day on the 9th of October!), powered by Powerhouse Diva Events, focuses on the act of decolonizing business and using the community to elevate your purpose. 

Her “Soul of Business Summit” is en route to being impactful for many people, so we sat down with her to learn more about it. 

For Vanessa, “decolonizing business” means honoring the Indigenous roots of sacred commerce and respecting the various avenues entrepreneurs can take. 

“I wanted to elevate the voices of courageous modern-day healers who’ve taken to the online space to nurture community and liberation,” she told BELatina News. 

“We are told that only start-ups or deep-pocket funded businesses are real, but the truth is that our ancestors were trading, bartering, and thriving off their natural gifts much like modern-day, soul-centered entrepreneurs.” 

She believes we are reclaiming those same values – consciously or not – as Latinx business numbers are increasing yearly. 

Through the virtual summit, Codorniu hopes to inspire creatives, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs to grow with soulful purpose and profit. 

The Argentine-Peruvian healer decided to celebrate her first decade being a  full-time online, soul-centered entrepreneur. After cutting her teeth in media at Telemundo, and later hosting bilingual women’s circles for 15 years in Queens, New York, Vanessa found the courage to become a full-time entrepreneur and dedicate her life’s work to sharing her intuitive and soulful business wisdom. 

Find out more about her journey below. 

Interview Highlights

The interview has been slightly edited for clarity and brevity.

Why is it important for Latinas and women of color to connect their souls and ancestral healing with their businesses?

The truth is that we are carrying our ancestral gifts and our ancestral patterns whether we are aware of them or not. If we look at the ways that we often hold back – afraid of being “too much,” or not enough –  this is because of the experiences our female ancestors had. Modern-day business may require us to be the face and personality that drives the business. Traditionally, we’ve been the gatherers, and nurturers of our family, but we are often the power behind the scenes. Our service has always been of utmost importance to our family and community. 

Our business is very much a path of self-empowerment and a part of our spiritual path where faith, vision, and purpose may propel us through the unknown. When we take the time to unpack and witness our – sometimes subconscious – pain and mindsets, we begin to set ourselves free. In doing so, we also impact those who have gone before us and those who are behind us. By reclaiming our choices, we create new stories of courage, liberation, and re-imagined community – we become way-showers and trailblazers for our community.

What do you believe is driving our community?

The same programming that kept our ancestors safe may be keeping us small. This internal wisdom and beliefs that guided them can also support us with deep reservoirs of resilience, courage, and stick-to-itiveness. All these inner resources make us invaluable in the business world. We are stepping out of the shadows: We are CEOs, Presidents, Marketing Managers, and Entrepreneurs while seeding new patterns that include diverse, inclusive, and social justice-based initiatives.

Why is it important for us to reclaim our space in the spiritual and wellness world?

For a few reasons. Let’s look at some examples. 

Aycee Brown, a summit speaker, and psychic medium said, “We need to reclaim the spaces that were always occupied by Brown and Black folks before colonization.” 

She shared an anecdote about a woman asking her why she wasn’t satisfied with her 150K yearly salary, to which she responded, “Why should I be? I am entitled to all I want and I deserve it all. Abundance is our birthright.”

Somehow women of color are told they,” should be grateful,” when, in truth, their wisdom and sabiduria have shaped countries – patrias.

Xochitl Ashe, a fifth-generation Medicine Woman born in Peru and raised in Mexico, shares that while in Peru, she witnessed many European seekers of Ayahuasca ceremonies flooding Pisac, a sacred land. They received it from other European folks. 

“It didn’t make sense because Ayahuasca is from the jungles and part of the ceremony for the Shipibo people…Pisac is not a jungle and how do you leave Europe to come to an ancestral land and receive the medicina, when you’re literally surrounded by ancestral healers of the land?” 

​This awareness led Xochitl to create Magical Medicine Journeys, an Indigenous women-owned retreat company that offers legal Mazatec Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats in Mexico. Xochitl’s mission is to honor the traditional Indigenous knowledge and ceremony of sacred plant medicine while providing the most authentic and powerful life-changing experiences.

Another example is Esoteric Esa, aka Jasmin, who created The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle® when she looked at all the oracle and tarot decks available and did not see her Latinx roots represented. 

What do you think about current spiritual platforms?

I’ve always noticed spiritual platforms, up until recently supporting only white healers in media and in conferences. My mami and abuelas taught me. Then, guides such as my Dominican priestess Mari, Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, Beverly Little Thunder, and Lushanya Echevarria were there speaking this truth. My teachers Maestro Alejandro Apaza and the Apaza family of the Inca Medicine School did the same.  We are not claiming something new, we are being recognized for what we’ve always been:  Curanderas, mujerx medicinas, healers, seers, and soulful activists. By being seen, we are, in some way, standing against the way of our Indigenous wisdom. It’s time our gifts, which have been demonized, then taken, repackaged, and white-washed, are reclaimed by us. 

What is a pattern that you see affecting Latinas in business? 

We talk about decolonizing business in general, but we forget that colonization separated us into caste systems based on colorism. This created separation and a distrust of each other, where lighter Latinx experience more privilege and Brown and Black Latinos are often hidden, oppressed and ignored. Our historical struggle has also been around the patriarchal structure making room for one or two spots. Think tokenism. So,  we learned “quitate tu pa ponerme yo.” Meaning, in order for me to succeed, I’ve got to take you out and take your place. If we are to redefine business on our terms, then we must embrace the idea that nature is abundant and there is enough for all of us. Together, we can rise in the community: Not a few selected ones, but as a whole Latinx and BIPOC community. 

I see that over 30 amazing women, mostly Latina and BIPOC are speaking at the Summit, along with some great male allies – what are some Latinas that the BELatina audience will be especially excited to hear from?  

There are so many Latinas to highlight! Here are previews of a few conversations I know our readers would enjoy:

  • Xochitl Ashe, 5th-generation Medicine Woman:

“Why representation matters: Creating a sacred Indigenous/Latinx business in order to be a powerful voice in the psychedelic movement”

  • Jasmin (Esoteric Esa) Alejandrez-Prasad, Esoteric Esa™, and Better Work Bitch! Podcast™ of Souliminati® LLC:

“Podcasting with the purpose for profit: How to create and implement a powerful podcast with intention”

  • Don José Ruiz, Toltec Master of Transformation and Modern-day Shaman

“Toltec wisdom: A pathway to personal freedom”

  • Leslie Priscilla, Latinx Parenting 

“Impacting future generations with our ancestrally rooted business”

  • Julio Bevione, Personal and Spiritual Growth Author (En español)

“La manera más fácil de crear un negocio de servicio con conciencia”

  • Ana Flores, Founder of #WEALLGROW Latina

“Join our inspirational conversation”

  • Cynthia Santiago Borbon, Transformational Life Coach 

“Calling on the wisdom of the Orishas in elevating your business”

  • Jovanka Ciares

“Author of Reclaiming Wellness”

  • Hasani Reyes, MamaVida Wellness

“Authenticity and integrity in business”

Do you have any other highlights from the diverse CEOs you connected with?

  • Kat Niambi, The Hungry Medium

“Afro-futuristic spiritual activism: Walking into the unknown with faith”

  • Sonali Fiske, Leadership Consultant

“Storytelling for creating social change & elevating BIPOC voices”

  • Xavier Dagba, Trauma-informed Life Coach

“Deep dive into purpose”

  • Vicky Vox, Unified Rainbow 

“Deconstruct your drag. Reconstruct your life”

How can our readers enjoy the Summit and tap into the aforementioned sessions?

The summit is free. You can enjoy it live from Sunday, October 9th (the opening ceremony began at 1:11 pm EST on the 9th) through Wednesday, October 12th. For those who want to enjoy the Summit at their own pace, they can purchase long-term access upon registration to enjoy all the sessions for only $77 USD. This price will increase after the 12th, but it will still be available, nonetheless. 

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