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Vikina Performs “Animales” on BELatina TV

Vikina, an up-and-coming Latina musician, is hitting all the right notes.

The Miami native started becoming a household name from her appearance and spectacular performances on “Reina de la Canción,” an all-women singing reality show executive produced by Daddy Yankee. However, Vikina’s musical talent was always at the core of her life.

During BELatina TV’s second episode, she told host Karent Sierra that she had sang for as long as she can remember. But her musical experience also came with its doubts and challenges.

Just when Vikina was starting to feel discouraged, she was signed by Pitbull’s — a.k.a. Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, Armando Christian Pérez’s — label, Mr. 305 Records. Thus, giving Vikina the distinct pleasure to flaunt herself as Mr. 305’s counterpart, Ms.305. This is monumental as is her future in the music industry.

Learn more about Vikina and watch her segment from BELatina TV as she performs her latest single, “Animales.”

The segment is embedded in this article.

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