‘Viral,’ A Reflection in Verse on Life and Humanity

Viral Poem Alexandra BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of belatina.com

Editor’s Note:

‘Viral’ is part of the BELatina poem series, where we provide a platform for new voices and verses that speak directly to the Latinx experience in the US.



Our fear, our mortality

Our sense of what’s right

Our willingness to protect others

Our strength, our fight

Our trust of leadership

Or lack thereof

Our loneliness, depression

Anger, and yet love

Our humanity

The need towards unity

Our selfishness

And sense of impunity

Our quick advancements in the field

Of medicine

Committing the same sins

Again and again

Will this be the same

As one hundred years ago?

Are we destined to make it to shore

On an ocean tossing to and fro?

Will we surf sublime on a wave tidal?

Because everything we are, this year

Has gone viral