Coalition of Latino Groups Bring #VoteLikeAMadre Campaign to Battleground States

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Since the first days of September, the hashtag #VoteLikeAMadre set the tone for another micro-targeting initiative by several Latino organizations in the country, which sought to raise awareness among Latino families about a critical issue: climate change.

Prominent Latinx mothers such as Jennifer López, Eva Longoria, Karla Souza, Salma Hayek, and Zoe Saldana joined the digital movement by inviting other mothers in the community to make a pinky promise with their children and go out and vote in November for the candidate best qualified to safeguard their futures.

“Max and Emme are my world. When I think about what their lives will be like if we ignore the significant impact climate change is having on our planet, it breaks my heart,” announced Lopez on an Instagram post. “We need to do something about it and take action NOW. That’s why I’m pinky promising to #VoteLikeAMadre for candidates who believe in science and will work to protect the environment. All the Madres out there, will you join me?” she asked her fans and followers.

In addition to being unique in its style, the campaign effort is another example of the awareness that many organizations have of the diversity of concerns that our community has when it comes to political involvement.

While traditional politics has often seen Latinos as a monolith, where immigration is falsely considered to be the only key issue to encourage their vote, campaigns like #VoteLikeAMadre are trying to demonstrate the impact that climate change and pollution have on much of the Hispanic community in the country.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund: “Latinos are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of where we live and work. More than half (55%) of Latino-Americans live in three states that are already experiencing serious effects related to climate change: historic drought in California, record-breaking heat in Texas, and increased sea-level rise and flooding in Florida. Furthermore.”

Similarly, the new campaign focuses on the Hispanic families’ key drivers: the mothers.

“Latina moms are a powerful voice within the Latino community, and we are concerned about the devastating impacts that climate change will have on our children’s future. We want a clean, sustainable, healthy planet for our children to thrive, and right now, that future is under threat,” said Latino Victory Project president and CEO Nathalie Rayes.

As reported by The Hill, and after being on the air for several days, the #VoteLikeAMadre campaign will translate into a seven-figures effort in radio and digital ads that will run in Spanish and through Election Day in Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

Along with Latino Victory, the coalition supporting the campaign includes advocacy groups Chispa, Poder Latinx, Alianza For Progress, New Florida Majority, and Mi Familia Vota.

“Having this amazing partnership will help get our message out to an even larger audience that will result in a record-breaking turnout from this important constituency,” said Yadira Sánchez, co-executive director of Poder Latinx. “Our goal is to reach out to thousands of Latinas through our digital content to encourage them to exercise their democratic right, and ensure that the effect of their vote is long-term to fight climate change.”