Voto Latino Won’t Lose Momentum and Mobilizes Latinx Voters in Georgia

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While the president is tantrumming on Twitter, refusing to accept reality, some have already set to work in the battles to come.

These are not legal battles to defend themselves from the Trump administration’s authoritarian obstructionism, but two crucial electoral contests for the country’s future: the Georgia Senate runoff on January 5, 2021.

As the grassroots political organization Voto Latino announced in a press release, the registration deadline for Georgians to vote in the races is December 7, and what is at stake is nothing less than control of a legislative chamber that, if left to the Republicans, will make progress nothing less than impossible.

“Georgia proved to be a critical battleground in the 2020 election and will continue to be until the state’s voters have full closure and representation in the Senate,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, president, and CEO of Voto Latino. “This cycle is not over, and we will be investing heavily in the state to guarantee that all voters in Georgia have the opportunity to make their voices heard. President-elect Biden outlined an extensive Latinx agenda, and we want to see a Senate that’s ready to act decisively to make those promises a reality. With the balance of the Senate hinging on Georgia, this is a crucial battle for the future of the country.”

The organization was one of the most important engines in mobilizing the Latinx vote in the country during the 2020 election cycle, with a record of 601,330 registered voters and a historic investment of $33 million in key states such as Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.

Even more impressive was Voto Latino’s achievement in mobilizing the young vote. Of the organization’s registered voters, the majority were between 18 and 39 years old, and 58% were women.

With that momentum, Voto Latino has now pledged to invest $2.5 million in registering and mobilizing voters in Georgia to cement once and for all the entire country’s will to change its future for good.