‘We Are,’ Kicking Off National Poetry Month with an Original by Latina Poet, Sawhney

Sawhney Poem We Are Relationships BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of wellandgood.com

Who we are and who we become through relationships is one of the most complicated issues in our intimate lives.

To jump-start National Poetry Month, let’s dive into what makes the human experience so complicated — relationships. 

But, would we really want it to be simple?

We Are…


You ask me to give you more

What is “we”

And what have I done

To deserve this

Tie to you


We Are…

Not what I want



What you wish to have



A memory born from desire

That was created one

Dark and starry night

In the flesh of your heart


We Are…

An idea that formed 

Under the heights of marijuana smoke



Nothing for us to become

Only a

Disappearing act

A revolving door

A floating wish

That became a 

Fleeting desire

That will 

Be trapped away

In the expanse

Of the universe




But a dream for you.

And a nightmare for me.