‘Wear a Mask,’ Americares’ New COVID-19 Campaign

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Courtesy of Americares.

No effort is in vain when it comes to protecting our loved ones, especially at a time as critical as the world is experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. For Americares, the health-focused nonprofit group, the effort has been focused on its latest “Wear a Mask” campaign to reinforce the importance of safety protocols among 18- and 34-year-olds.

As vaccines roll out across the country and states relax restrictions, the music and dance-based public health education campaign puts safety precautions at the center of pop culture, Americares explained in a press release. The “Wear a Mask” campaign encourages continued compliance with COVID safety protocols by combining an infectious tune with entertaining dancing and scientific evidence.

The campaign targets the 18-34-year-old demographic, encouraging this age group to adhere to COVID-19’s key hygiene and health precaution measures, including the use of masks, physical distancing, and hand washing. The campaign includes an original song and choreographed dance. The audio song is on Spotify and Apple Music, and the dance video, choreographed by Dezi Saenz, debuted last Friday on TikTok.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest public health challenge of our time, but we can slow the spread and save lives with vaccination and continued safety precautions,” said Americares President and CEO Christine Squires. “We have developed a campaign and life-saving anthem that speaks to young adults rather than at them.”

Americares’ campaign, developed in collaboration with Los Angeles-based creative agency Zambezi, centers on a hip hop song called “Wear a Mask” that focuses on changing negative attitudes and behaviors about following U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The song urges listeners to “Wash your hands. Wear a mask” and “Listen to the science, not what he or she says. Wear a mask and save a life, just like that.” So we don’t have to live 2020 on repeat. When mom and dad sold toilet paper on eBay.”


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♬ Wear A Mask – Young Vax

“Wear a Mask” reinforces the importance of following safety protocols for listeners who are attracted to the sense of security brought on by the vaccine rollout. The lyrics remind people that now is not the time to slack off on safety protocols and illustrate how easy it is for everyone to do their part by applying these simple practices, reminding them that “if we spread something, let’s spread a little consideration.” The song was written and produced by The 87s and packaged by Hallwood Media, headed by former Geffen Records president Neil Jacobson.

“This project was an incredible opportunity to create a hit record and save lives,” said Jacobson. “We were honored to work on such an important public health campaign.”