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BELatina’s Best of the Week: Bad Bunny, Latine Must-Read Books, Pop Culture, and More

Happy Friday, BELatina familia! 

How’s everyone doing? We sincerely hope your resolutions and intentions are set and ready to go for 2023. We know ours are! 

Before we ring in the new year though, let’s talk about what we covered this week. From rounding up Latine books that you should read next year, having a conversation with the Filmgate Interactive Media Festival co-founder, to writing about the most iconic Latino pop culture moments in 2022, we went deep into wrapping up the year. We also talked about Bad Bunny’s epic Christmas gift to his Puerto Rican community, and wrote about three life-changing lessons that will surely prepare us for 2023. 

Antes de despedirnos, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe New Year celebration. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into the stories you might’ve missed this year.  

Latine Books Released in 2022 That You Can Still Add to Your New Year’s Book List

Latine Books Released in 2022 That You Can Still Add to Your New Year’s Book List belatina latine
Credit: Instagram

 If you love to read, I’m sure there are some Latine authors on your bookshelf that made 2022 a better year. 

 Unsurprisingly, this year many different books from a myriad of subjects were gifted to the world by talented Latine authors. So, here at BELatina, we compiled a list of some books published in 2022 that could also make it to your 2023 book list in case you haven’t had the chance to read them. 

Q&A with Ecuadorian-American Co-Founder of the Filmgate Interactive Media Festival – ‘Immersive Art is Here to Stay’

Credit: Instagram

The art world is currently entering a new period. As the advancement of technology continues to take over, it is no surprise that creatives are tapping into it. From immersive art to AI, it almost feels like the future is here. 

During this month’s Art Basel in Miami, Florida, a city that is driving technological forces in all its senses, we witnessed how art has evolved – and how it’s adapting to society’s needs. However, the founders of the Filmgate Interactive Media Festival, Jose Jacho, and Diliana Alexander have been preparing for this moment for years. 

As we prepare for its 10th anniversary next year, BELatina News spoke with one of its co-founders, Ecuadorian-American artist and innovator, Jose Jacho. 

Four Iconic Latino Pop Culture Moments of 2022

Photo courtesy of Disney

2022 is almost gone, and Latines have made sure they’ve left a mark on it. One that will remind us for years how our people’s contributions and achievements create an important and positive impact in this world. 

From music to cinema to sports and melancholic reunions, we definitely had a lot to share and celebrate this year. 

So, to kiss 2022 goodbye, here are four iconic Latino pop culture moments that we witnessed this year. 

Bad Bunny Set Aside an Entire Day to Show His Love for Puerto Rico

Credit: Instagram/ goodbunnyfoundation

Bad Bunny used up every hour of December 27th, 2022 to give back to his people. 

El Conejo Malo used the day to show his fan base in Puerto Rico how much he cares and appreciates their support by making them feel special. This is on brand with Benito considering he’s continuously reminding people that the love he has for his home country is unmatched. It’s evident in his lyrical content, how he carries himself, and whenever he speaks about what his inspiration is. 

Three Life-Changing Lessons Learned in 2022

Are you ready for another year? We surely are – and we’re here to reminisce about three hardcore lessons that we learned in the last 365 days to help us for the next. 

Es que, instead of dwelling on yesterday’s misfortunes, why not choose to head into 2023 with our heads up high and learning from this year’s lessons? It’s tough, pero so are we. 2023 is for positive vibes only. Who’s in? 

To continue on a high note, here are three life-changing lessons learned in 2022 that will help us deal with what’s to come next year. 

We got this besties! 

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